DJI FPV drone review: fast and furious

DJI is joining the cinematic FPV trend and is releasing its first FPV drone. The drone is bundled together with DJI’s existing goggles and a brand new controller. We take a look at how it compares to the rest of the market and how hard it is to fly FPV?
Correction: At 10:09 I say the obstacle sensors only work in manual mode. I misspoke, they only work in normal mode.
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Special thanks to Reza for helping with the review, check his Instagram for more fun FPV content inspirefpv
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  1. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    Where’s the worst place you crashed a drone?

  2. Sincere Ignacio

    Sincere IgnacioMonth ago

    @Ace Alonso Checking it out now. Seems promising :)

  3. Ace Alonso

    Ace AlonsoMonth ago

    dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you care

  4. Jeremy Gerster

    Jeremy GersterMonth ago

    Flying in my backyard. There was a large ditch that I underestimated the turn radius and momentum of the DJI Inspire 1. It clipped a tree, cut the engines and dropped like a brick. Into the ditch. Fortunately they had just finished dredging the ditch and some of the sand they dredged out created a makeshift island that the drone just happened to land on. Still broke an arm that needed to be replaced before the shoot I had in less than 5 days but I was able to get everything taken care of. Was pretty stressful having to go from pilot to mechanic on the whole thing.

  5. DankVoyager420_

    DankVoyager420_Month ago

    zoomed in with camera and lost distance perspective, crashed into a tree going sideways :(

  6. Zeus Starfall

    Zeus StarfallMonth ago

    Wow awesome

  7. george hart

    george hartDay ago

    These guys rock.

  8. george hart

    george hartDay ago

    We love drones.

  9. KingCobra707

    KingCobra7072 days ago

    Hopefully better at flying drones than they are at building computers LMAO

  10. Damien Jensen

    Damien Jensen7 days ago

    Would be interested to see if you can actually get 20 minute flight time even hovering? (Video footage) You would be the first reviewer to do so 😉 the best ive seen is 13 minutes personally ive seen 10 minutes 32 seconds flying as slow as possible

  11. Cody Bauer

    Cody Bauer10 days ago

    The cluttered insulation metrically yawn because phone ectrodactyly strengthen times a large poultry. productive, adaptable iran

  12. Bossix84

    Bossix8412 days ago

    How long it takes to charge that dron fully from dead?

  13. P S

    P S20 days ago

    If the logo says CNN, walk away.

  14. brandnaqua

    brandnaqua22 days ago

    omg that's so cool!!

  15. Muckers

    Muckers24 days ago

    Great content, currently saving up for this drone.

  16. Indigo Foxx

    Indigo Foxx29 days ago

    It was entirely your fault...

  17. Todd Hurdon

    Todd Hurdon29 days ago

    When they make this as tough as a carbon fibre iflight i’ll buy it. Only selling feature IMO is 20m flight time

  18. Debanuj Das Kanungo

    Debanuj Das KanungoMonth ago

    this drone gives me major Cyberpunk 2077 vibes

  19. Dene. F.

    Dene. F.Month ago

    Most importantly my friend. Is that a Manchester United mug in the bottom left corner of the video? If so, as a lad from Manchester I have now subbed to this channel. Lol. Many thanks.

  20. Yufei Pan

    Yufei PanMonth ago

    the motion controller is included? you did not feel like testing it so just did not include it in the review?

  21. O_De

    O_DeMonth ago

    Wow... That's cool! I love it How much price per DJ drone in your side?

  22. nistax

    nistaxMonth ago

    analog cant do long range now? thats some news when did thay chanegd analog to be only for short range ? also image quality is the diference

  23. nistax

    nistaxMonth ago

    this definetly aint for ecperienced fpv pilots bruh

  24. LetoDK

    LetoDKMonth ago

    Someone without a sense of rhythm cut the music for this video

  25. sucre perez

    sucre perezMonth ago

    please take the music off!!! the only thigng it does is distract. It makes it impossible to try to watch the entier thing after 3 minutes I was sick of the repetitive beat. bad trend in youtube dont know why.

  26. Alec Helm

    Alec HelmMonth ago

    Do we know yet what the color space and bit depth of the video is?

  27. Glen

    GlenMonth ago

    Anyone had sensor issues and it falls out the sky ? Mine has 3 times and it’s being set back in bits

  28. Gold Formation

    Gold FormationMonth ago


  29. Tomasz Pasternak

    Tomasz PasternakMonth ago

    You don't seem very excited about something that's obviously really cool.

  30. Ladis laus

    Ladis lausMonth ago

    Music in video is to loud when you speaking

  31. AKTIV Aerials Dronography

    AKTIV Aerials DronographyMonth ago

    Watching video like, man the area looks familiar... Then it hit me, I park at the metro station right there and go to work at LAX.. I a drone enthusiast and if you're every in the area it would be a pleasures to continue going our community through this network of great people/pilots etc.

  32. Telencephelon

    TelencephelonMonth ago

    So just to be clear. If you are flying in the direction of 30km/h Wind and this thing reaches top speed of 140km/h, half a kilo may come towards you at 170km/h. Sounds fun.

  33. James

    JamesMonth ago

    A 20 minute flight time is huge! That alone makes me want to buy it

  34. Dhilip Ram

    Dhilip RamMonth ago

    Good but 40 would be awesome hope they release secondary battery :)

  35. ofz

    ofzMonth ago

    DJI keeps making AMAZING products :)

  36. mmisulicaa

    mmisulicaaMonth ago

    05:22 I see what you did there! :D

  37. MalaysiaDentist

    MalaysiaDentistMonth ago

    Reza is Indonesian ya? Well done

  38. BamBam KapoW

    BamBam KapoWMonth ago

    why can you guys get someone who have experience reviewing drone ?! than this dude ?

  39. Marto Paskalev

    Marto PaskalevMonth ago

    The goggles look epic 😜

  40. Saúl A. Arriaza D.

    Saúl A. Arriaza D.Month ago

    What a stupid review the new controller is the innovation and a BIG reason why we are looking for a good review.

  41. carl jones

    carl jonesMonth ago

    The best thing about home built/kit quads is how cheap and easy things are to replace. Can’t afford to be crashing the DJI FPV drone 🥲

  42. JoJo H

    JoJo HMonth ago

    every new comer will definitely crash a drone like this

  43. tictacturkey

    tictacturkeyMonth ago

    Lots of inaccurate facts but decent review.

  44. Damian Lewd

    Damian LewdMonth ago

    You’re nuts those goggles are so cyberpunk fire 🔥

  45. saif naqeeb

    saif naqeebMonth ago

    I always wondered what Descent would look like IRL

  46. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    Now that's a throwback right there! Love Descent! - Vjeran

  47. zippy441

    zippy441Month ago

    Fast and furious!... It's 800grams and about as agile as a 30 ton truck! 🤣

  48. zippy441

    zippy441Month ago

    I should clarify, I'm not a DJI hater... Quite the opposite! I just looking at adding the air unit and googles to my drones. Also have a couple of Mavic pro 2's which are great at what they do, but I'm just not sold on the DJI fpv drone. But each to their own sure there is someone out there that will love it!! ✌️

  49. AlaskanStrat

    AlaskanStratMonth ago

    6 min average flight time in the most efficient flight mode ...yikes ... Not one person has been able to even come close to the advertised 20 min

  50. Nekminute

    NekminuteMonth ago

    Perfect for scouting the Corona apocalypse !

  51. Neoand12

    Neoand12Month ago

    It really is something. It’s great for beginners but if you into your own DYI drone you might not get a kick out of it, if you want someone to get into FPV drones or any this is a good start.

  52. That Wandering Nomad

    That Wandering NomadMonth ago

    What does fpv mean?

  53. Nestor Fernández

    Nestor FernándezMonth ago

    Yes it was your fault lol that’s why authentic FPV pilots start using simulator and 100 dollars setup ready to crash. The only difference is that if you crash a 100 dollars FPV you won’t brake it and if you do you can replace parts in a day without or with help of hundreds of pilots whiling to help new pilots. With the dji drone well fpv pilots still can replace their own parts if they have those particular ones, new pilots well they need dji help and a fer hundred in replacement parts. Being said that I wish you and every new pilot the best, anyone reading this comment feel free to contact me if you have any questions I’m whiling to help anyone for free

  54. Claude Loomes

    Claude LoomesMonth ago

    sorry... did he say 10-15 minutes for fpv quads........? where did you read this.....

  55. Claude Loomes

    Claude LoomesMonth ago

    TALORED TOWARDS EXPERIENCED FPV PILOTS??????? no intermediate pilot would EVER choose this quad over a custom quad.

  56. Dennis Lispers

    Dennis LispersMonth ago

    I don't really see the target audience for this drone. It is WAY to brittle to be used as an fpv drone. Experienced pilots won't fly this since the best shots usually come with the highest risks. And if you touch something with this drone... It will break. Your crash wasn't bad, I've had 100s of crashes like that which i usually fly away from. And when it comes to new pilots getting in to fpv... The first time you turn on acro mode that thing will be upsidedown and non flyable anymore. So in my opinion, they're kinda making a drone that can be a regular gps drone, but lacks the proper gimbal. And an fpv drone that can only be flown carefully by experienced pilots (who won't be interested). And to be frank... From the clips I've seen it flies like a badly tuned, underpowered fpv drone. So a tip for people just getting in to drones, pick a regular gps drone or a full fledged fpv drone, don't start with this. Anyway, that's my take. Thanks for your time and I hope you all have a great day! :D

  57. Dan Williams

    Dan WilliamsMonth ago

    Container ships and ports are workplaces, nobody needs to be dealing with your rando fpv drone flying around when they're at work in an already dangerous environment

  58. ere

    ereMonth ago

    It is not 0 to 60. It is 0 to 100

  59. Jack Hutchby

    Jack HutchbyMonth ago

    Okay, from a fpv pilot whose been in the hobby for a couple years here’s what was wrong. Flight time is incorrect, us fpv pilots only get around 3-4 min (depending on a whole lot of variables) per flight for a standard 5” size drone. (The dji drone is in the 5” size class) Analog Range: analog systems can go very very long range just like digital systems can. I flew I think 4 miles away the other day on an analog drone. Great video though, I hope this will get more people into the hobby

  60. Test Account

    Test AccountMonth ago

    A crash like that should not have trashed the drone. If you want to lean to fly in full manual mode don't buy this as you are going to seriously regent it.

  61. Eskander X

    Eskander XMonth ago

    That skateboard clock though... Genius idea. 13:35

  62. Graham Scarr

    Graham ScarrMonth ago

    Looks great but fragile for an fpv drone

  63. Kevin Masters

    Kevin MastersMonth ago

    Seriously, flying FPV without crashing is something that just doesn't happen! Also this was your first time on it!

  64. zippy441

    zippy441Month ago

    True, I love that DJI are getting into the fpv but this thing is going to cause a lot of heart break. Poor unsuspecting newbies crashing and having to not only spend a fortune to repair but it wl also has to go straight back to DJI!

  65. seven henson

    seven hensonMonth ago

    i might puke flying at 140kmph without feeling it in my body

  66. seven henson

    seven hensonMonth ago

    i cant imagine what kind of drones china has in its military arsenal..

  67. Luckyme Fpv

    Luckyme FpvMonth ago

    Yeah inspirefpv!

  68. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien PinardMonth ago

    The defective rooster geographically request because spider intringuingly post amid a bite-sized white. determined, intelligent quartz

  69. Humphrey Smiggens

    Humphrey SmiggensMonth ago

    Practice in acro ON A CHEAPER QUAD people!

  70. Sreyash Dasari

    Sreyash DasariMonth ago

    I have crashed my mavic a few times and it’s always running the motors after crash

  71. Zeus Starfall

    Zeus StarfallMonth ago


  72. Blender Wiki

    Blender WikiMonth ago

    Another laughable the verge reviews

  73. Dieter Preiser

    Dieter PreiserMonth ago

    Got my drone today but am unable to activate aircraft. The DJI Fly app from Google Playstore is not current. It does not have the drone as one of the aircraft. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  74. Dieter Preiser

    Dieter PreiserMonth ago

    I finally got it working. The short OTG cable must be plugged into the goggles, then the regular USB cable into the phone, exactly in that order. Only then was I able to activate the drone. I've had two flights so far and love this aircraft. It's worth every penny but I would not recommend it be flown in manual, unless you are a pro.

  75. Dieter Preiser

    Dieter PreiserMonth ago

    @The Verge Of course. I cleared cache and will try again tomorrow.

  76. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    Hi! Did you connect the goggles to your phone via the cable? - Vjeran

  77. origami master

    origami masterMonth ago

    This is probably the BEST FPV DRONE EVER!!!!

  78. Johnny B.

    Johnny B.Month ago

    Okay so important question from both a professional and hobbyist point of view...I own a Mavic Air and use it for Real Estate/Business promo videos...will this work the same as far as cinematics go? Seems like it would. Thanks in advance for the info!

  79. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    It’s a very different experience. I’d say stick with the Air for architecture and such. - Vjeran

  80. Damien Lewis

    Damien LewisMonth ago

    What is the hard case brand / model you use for this dji drone?

  81. Gabriele Vinci

    Gabriele VinciMonth ago

    FPV for the dumbs.

  82. Thianna Heron

    Thianna HeronMonth ago

    Hmmm not sure about it but as far as i know drone world started in the diy...

  83. Arunav Baruah

    Arunav BaruahMonth ago

    He was wearing mask, lol, how stupid.

  84. RotorBobFPV

    RotorBobFPVMonth ago

    If you’re not crashing, you’re not learning, so things will get expensive fast.

  85. Achintha Dissanayake

    Achintha DissanayakeMonth ago

    Go UNITED 🔴😉

  86. Octavio

    OctavioMonth ago

    Thousands of these will crash right away!

  87. chris Anderson

    chris AndersonMonth ago

    Why are y’all even making a video on this

  88. Vincent S

    Vincent SMonth ago

    Why not?

  89. chris Anderson

    chris AndersonMonth ago

    WE GET IT DJI MADE A NEW DRONE. My entire USlikes suggestions are full of this new quad

  90. Fernandez

    FernandezMonth ago

    Looks good with that green canopy 🐍🐍🐍🐍

  91. Maximilian Ortner

    Maximilian OrtnerMonth ago

    what about photos? how do they look and it's possible to take them?

  92. Maximilian Ortner

    Maximilian OrtnerMonth ago

    @The Verge thank for the info

  93. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    It is. It only takes JPGS and they look…fine. Nothing spectacular. - Vjeran

  94. Supa FPV

    Supa FPVMonth ago

    Beginners please learn proper fpv before buying this

  95. Nock Nock

    Nock NockMonth ago

    Time for us fpv people to gatekeep 😂

  96. furbs

    furbsMonth ago

    At least pretend to be excited jeez

  97. Naushad

    NaushadMonth ago

    i liked dji fpv drone DJI FPV : @t

  98. PsychoFlyer1

    PsychoFlyer1Month ago

    Crashing is part of flying an fpv drone...don't stress, just get back on that horse and ride! Maybe give yourself more of a cushion before you go forest diving again :)

  99. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    Noted ;)

  100. Larry David

    Larry DavidMonth ago

    I think the drone should absolutely NOT stop the motors if it crashes because it's nearly impossible to detect when that happens in the FPV world. A software fix would presume the motors would stop at a given resistance which could mean the drone just stops and falls out of the sky in some scenarios. I'm actually surprised DJI told you it was a bug - Un-arming the motors should be pretty easy to do with a single button press -, but hopefully they can implement a decent threshold level for that.

  101. Michael Thomas

    Michael ThomasMonth ago

    Why are you wearing a mask by yourself outside of an abandoned building? Virtue signaling?

  102. PEI Real Estate - Michael Poczynek

    PEI Real Estate - Michael PoczynekMonth ago

    Very cool. Thanks for making this video.

  103. Aniket Patra

    Aniket PatraMonth ago

    VJ FPV😂

  104. angul dost

    angul dostMonth ago

    just go watch the joshua bardwell review at this point. he goes much more in-depth and actually knows what he is talking about

  105. Farid Fadilah

    Farid FadilahMonth ago

    Reza kurniawan?? Sounds like indonesians name, CMIIW Is he the champion of drone fpv racing in USA?

  106. Samo Zeal

    Samo ZealMonth ago

    Flying in Jordan on the border with Syria (back when fighting was more intense) and someone just started yelling "secret police, secret police, go now!" I ran around to a back alley but the building cut line of sight to the drone and it started auto returning and before I could regain control it flew right into the only 6 story building in town and came crashing down at my feet in an explosion of plastic 😭

  107. rere439

    rere439Month ago

    "I didn't test Motion Sensor stick, I am comfortable with standard stick". BRUH, are you even a Journalist? For god sake

  108. ECHO E

    ECHO EMonth ago

    yeah, at least try it, from other reviews the general consensus is that tis fun, but not practical as an actual filming tool

  109. Chris Jay

    Chris JayMonth ago

    When DJI makes a drone that has acceleration comparable to a Tesla.... wut

  110. Jun

    JunMonth ago

    Nice FPV drone and definitely need quite some practice before real go.

  111. Satyaranjan Rout

    Satyaranjan RoutMonth ago

    I can feel the headache

  112. Ross Bentley

    Ross BentleyMonth ago

    Great review!

  113. Chris Kelly

    Chris KellyMonth ago

    Manchester United

  114. Home of Creation

    Home of CreationMonth ago

    The reviewer and commenters are obviously not into FPV. For a better and full review go to Joshua Bardwell and KababFPV.

  115. Neoand12

    Neoand12Month ago

    I believe that’s the point though. DJI is trying to get those people

  116. Xplore

    XploreMonth ago

    DJI is going to make a killing off repairing these heaps of plastic xD If you're serious about getting into FPV don't buy this thing.

  117. No Name

    No NameMonth ago

    Anyone get a notification that fly more package shipped separately from the actual drone? DJI just sent me an email saying the flymore package has shipped, but not the FPV drone? Like what is the point of doing this? I know you want to get stuff out the door, but I can wait. I have no need for the batteries without the drone. I could understand the other way around.

  118. Dmitriy

    DmitriyMonth ago

    No video of second crash, no care!!

  119. ashok v raman

    ashok v ramanMonth ago

    very informative