How Reddit gamed the stock of GameStop

A Reddit forum sent GameStop, AMC and other stocks rocketing up through the stock market - and upended the financial system in the process. r/WallStreetBets got Wall Street's attention, and it doesn't look like its users plan to stop any time soon. Here's how it happened and what to expect.
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  1. Juan Carlos Nuñez

    Juan Carlos NuñezMonth ago

    I get better explanations in one tweet.

  2. desoyza

    desoyzaMonth ago

    How much did Shitadel and Melvin pay you to betray humanity?

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    Larry MarkMonth ago

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  6. Yohan Dony

    Yohan DonyMonth ago

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  7. Maria Eliot

    Maria EliotMonth ago

    I love this Mr. Richard because with his strategies and methods, I was able to withdraw $13,500 in a week, there is more to the system than the eye sees sometimes, sometimes this videos don't really help much as they end up confusing you more. When I came across Mr. Richard the confusion ended His availability is assured on What'sApp +1 ( 210) - 805 - 3171

  8. eddyvideostar

    eddyvideostarMonth ago

    GME ROUND TWO! February 25, 2021. It's happening again today, which is one reason why the general markets are taking a turn untoward.

  9. gotham2krazy

    gotham2krazyMonth ago

    Pump and dump... ha, you know nothing Jon snow

  10. J C

    J CMonth ago

    Gamestop - how much is the stock worth? $80? We'll give you $5.75

  11. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin JohnsonMonth ago

    This is what happens when you have no idea what you're talking about and make a video anyways.

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  14. V P

    V P2 months ago

    Wow, apparently the reddit mob didn't like this video. It's not for them, it's for all the rest of us. Your articles on this brouhaha have been useful, informative, and funny.

  15. Tejaswi Raghurama

    Tejaswi Raghurama2 months ago

    More like The Big Invisible Picture.


    SPYDERWEB2 months ago

    Reddit = Reddcoin RDD and DOGE Dogecoin

  17. SolaNot ThePornstar

    SolaNot ThePornstar2 months ago

    Same with this video, the verge is doing pump and dump video lol.

  18. Joanna

    Joanna2 months ago

    You clearly don't understand any of this.

  19. Migs

    Migs2 months ago

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  20. DanielPasten

    DanielPasten2 months ago

    this presenter doesn’t know how to pronounce anything

  21. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou2 months ago

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  22. Joanna

    Joanna2 months ago

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  23. Muneeb J.

    Muneeb J.2 months ago

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  24. ABDo ABDO

    ABDo ABDO2 months ago

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  25. Ryan Klokkers

    Ryan Klokkers2 months ago

    Which reddit user started the hype?

  26. Peter McLelland

    Peter McLelland2 months ago

    'Nanny Yellan' will look after her Hedge fund siblings ? Full bib & nappy change ? - 'There' !

  27. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou2 months ago

    That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?

  28. Ra sh

    Ra sh2 months ago

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  29. Emrul Zawad

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  30. D Neuman

    D Neuman2 months ago

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  31. D Neuman

    D Neuman2 months ago

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  32. D Neuman

    D Neuman2 months ago

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  33. siguy923

    siguy9232 months ago

    Almost as many dislikes as likes. I bet a comment can overtake the likes of this video.

  34. Negi1001

    Negi10012 months ago

    ok but seriously, don't let this be a one time thing. we just acted like millennials. and we managed to screw them over. their system has been screamed at being faulty for years and we actually proved that EASEILY. WETHER YOU DID IT FOR A MEME, OR BECUASE YOU WERE TRIGGERED, WE JUST MADE A POINT IN HISTORY AND CHALLENGED THEIR BEIGGEST FORM OF CAPTIALISM AND IT WASN'T EVEN HARD! DON'T GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO RECOVER AND MAKE IT HARD!

  35. John D.

    John D.2 months ago

    what a ridiculous video. for those new to the topic, the redditers are the good guys, the hedgefunds are the bad guys.

  36. Terry Tibbs

    Terry Tibbs2 months ago

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  37. Cody Boudreaux

    Cody Boudreaux2 months ago

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    Kakashi Hatake2 months ago

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    wnnalis cioov2 months ago

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  40. Travis Cornwell

    Travis Cornwell2 months ago

    OXLC is a Dividend Champ!

  41. Grand Adventure Japan

    Grand Adventure Japan2 months ago

    God bless America !

  42. Frykauf La Kosta

    Frykauf La Kosta2 months ago

    Oh Verge writers. Why does literally everything has to be „you have to look at the big picture“. Even the host has trouble not smiling when she has to say it.

  43. John Smith

    John Smith2 months ago

    Are CNN and CNBC calling the reddit guys stockmarket terrorists and white supremacists yet?

  44. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov2 months ago

    incorrect explanation. This lady must like hearing herself talk bc what she is saying is schizophrenic!

  45. D rizzle

    D rizzle2 months ago

    Robinhood is getting sues for restricting how much stock they can buy which breaks their company policy

  46. Rickie Blu

    Rickie Blu2 months ago

    can anyone translate this to me lmao. its all gibberish to me. i googled stock cause its been all over reddit and i dont get it. can anyone explain this for a dummy like me lmao

  47. Borat

    Borat2 months ago

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    Barry Wood2 months ago

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    Sai Yelave2 months ago

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    BLCK TABLE MUSIC2 months ago

    If you actually read wall street bets..... there aint no dump planned.

  57. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi2 months ago


  58. Synarus Coaching

    Synarus Coaching2 months ago

    Lesson is: the more free market is (less fees) and the more people find it as best thing to spend time on since they cant work or do otherthings coz covid, the more threatened should be ones, whose making money out of beying big and manipulating. Solo person has large versatility, company has low versatility. Versatility goes up => less plays like gamestop will happen from big companies eventualy.

  59. Liquicitizen Joey

    Liquicitizen Joey2 months ago

    The very first second she says *BUY NOW" The rest of the video u dont need to watch. Just buy GME AND HOLD DAMMIT!

  60. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi2 months ago

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  61. Phoenix

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  62. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman2 months ago

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  63. Bury tha Wizard

    Bury tha Wizard2 months ago

    If your watching this video bc you are looking for a good and correct understanding of the GameStop stock scandal/whatever you call it, this is not your video. This is a horribly incorrect explanation. This lady must like hearing herself talk bc what she is saying is schizophrenic!

  64. furbs

    furbs2 months ago

    Your nauseating to watch love. Report, don't act.

  65. Technology Disclosures

    Technology Disclosures2 months ago

    Amazing how buying power has influenced the markets. Large corporations are worried.

  66. Yogi

    Yogi2 months ago

    Shorts are legal Lobbying is legal Hedgehogs can trade Little guys can't trade 💎🙌🚀

  67. usun

    usun2 months ago

    You completely missed the point. On purpose?

  68. Vylkeer

    Vylkeer2 months ago

    GameStock is the perfect title for this video. It also avoids the GameStop Stock tongue twister.

  69. karan nashine

    karan nashine2 months ago

    This video literally did not explain anything

  70. Cassie H

    Cassie H2 months ago

    My OF account is totally free to subscribe!💖 😋 Raptors fan! ;) sweetbabycassie​

  71. Samir Jain

    Samir Jain2 months ago

    Please add scripted captions

  72. Gadila Ravi Kumar

    Gadila Ravi Kumar2 months ago

    Nothing in this video. I wasted my time

  73. NickDangerThirdGuy

    NickDangerThirdGuy2 months ago

    This what OCCUPY never was able to accomplish!

  74. MeltingRubberZ28

    MeltingRubberZ282 months ago

    Can't trade stocks without the government intervening, but social media can actively censor and they do nothing. This is America in 2021.

  75. C.R. Quinn

    C.R. Quinn2 months ago

    I'm in. Holding

  76. sid45365

    sid453652 months ago

    Short squeeze

  77. Neel Patel

    Neel Patel2 months ago

    Poor job by the verge. Instead of explaining how it happened You are just saying the one part of the story

  78. Max Yee

    Max Yee2 months ago

    0:30 *Elon has entered the chat*

  79. tribalation

    tribalation2 months ago

    After I watched the video , I still don't understand what she is taking about

  80. alida flus

    alida flus2 months ago

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  81. Ernesto Ernie

    Ernesto Ernie2 months ago

    Worst explanation ever

  82. P S

    P S2 months ago

    Bad explaination of GameStop EVER Created !

  83. Iridium night

    Iridium night2 months ago

    I don't understand any of this but stonks eh. Wish school would have taught me about the stock market.

  84. TNT2021

    TNT20212 months ago

    Game stop needs to figure out what they need to do to keep their stocks up... it's time to reinvent the game stop

  85. Ian Miles Chungus

    Ian Miles Chungus2 months ago

    The lesson is that you should have bought GameStop shares a month ago.

  86. Jesse Olsson

    Jesse Olsson2 months ago

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  87. Criminy Cricket

    Criminy Cricket2 months ago

    I bet this chick was big into Theatre class

  88. mike kearsley

    mike kearsley2 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic vid. Please keep telling this story.

  89. vokasi mid

    vokasi mid2 months ago

    Redditors: Introducing a little anarchy, upset the established order and everything becomes... CHAOS! Also Redditors: I'm an agent of chaos Another Redditors: Oh, and you know one thing about chaos? IT'S FAIR

  90. Improving Our World

    Improving Our World2 months ago

    "F" the wall street billionaires !!!!!!!!!!! BOYCOTT Robinhood

  91. Melon Man

    Melon Man2 months ago

    Theory: this is a ploy to make wallstreet richer and millennials and younger poorer What if a syndicate of Wall Street stock traders bought a ton of GameStop shares, due to how cheap they were, at less than $20, then payed influencers on Reddit and other social media to buy GameStop shares to screw with the economy, only to turn a profit of nearly 100 of the amount they put in Why game stop? Well it’s popular and dew or it’s decline, people would take sympathy for the old business. Even then, GameStop won’t last that long after its revival due to lockdowns and the rise of Amazon and other quick online shops There is also some data that shows that someone did start collecting GameStop shares. Between the 11th and 14th of January, the stock price increased from $19.9 to $39.91. Reminder this nearly 2 weeks before the game stop rise to hundreds. Like someone or a group was stockpiling them in preparation. As for the making millennials and younger poorer, when the wallstreets, cash out, what will keep the stock price from deflating? It will lead to them having to buy high and sell low, leading to game stop and the younger generations worst off and wallstreet money men richer Naturally you can call me a paranoid insane conspiracy theorist, but this is just my own 2 sense on the matter. Feel free to bring up any counter arguments in the comments to see if I am missing something huge

  92. Adeel Zia

    Adeel Zia2 months ago

    A very stupid video. Useless

  93. Leo N

    Leo N2 months ago


  94. Bruce Stark

    Bruce Stark2 months ago

    ....what is the point of this video?

  95. Nick Sandor

    Nick Sandor2 months ago

    Useless video.

  96. E.T.C. Canada

    E.T.C. Canada2 months ago

    NOK NOK is my next favorite.

  97. nahim abbasi

    nahim abbasi2 months ago

    that was one of the worst the verges video

  98. Michael Adeyemi

    Michael Adeyemi2 months ago

    Stonks. this video makes no sense

  99. akasleep

    akasleep2 months ago

    Apparently, this person doesn't have any clue what's happening and trying to "educate" other people about what happened. You can't have a clear understanding of the event if you don't explain short squeeze.

  100. Navroop Brar

    Navroop Brar2 months ago

    Im a bit confused but i got the spirit

  101. Lawrence Wall

    Lawrence Wall2 months ago

    This doesn't show the bigger picture. This just makes hedge funders look like the victims

  102. Ziad

    Ziad2 months ago

    if you want a better explanation or an explanation watch Phillip DeFranco

  103. Ziad

    Ziad2 months ago

    if you want a better explanation or an explanation watch Phillip DeFranco

  104. Douglas Olson

    Douglas Olson2 months ago

    Here I am watching a perfectly good and video, and then you have throw in the bleep at the end. What is wrong with you? Do you need attention that much? Just make a video and be done with it. Stop trying to be cool, its not working for ya.

  105. beervlog99

    beervlog992 months ago

    These videos are for the uneducated and scared. Real winners are overnight millionaires. Scared money don't make money

  106. youniplays

    youniplays2 months ago

    she looks so evil

  107. Misery

    Misery2 months ago

    Apes together Strong

  108. Dos Gato II

    Dos Gato II2 months ago

    Keep in mind that this channel is the same channel who builds *that* computer.

  109. Cameron Ahmed

    Cameron Ahmed2 months ago

    This is not the Verge’s best work unfortunately. The investment thesis for GME was / is solid. Good YOY growth, shutting underperforming stores, and Ryan Cohen on the board. There was like no mention of how the hedge funds consistently manipulate the market by shorting & putting out hit pieces against the short companies. Just not a good explainer vid

  110. 21minute

    21minute2 months ago

    Lolololol look at the amount of dislikes on this video.

  111. Mikowacomet

    Mikowacomet2 months ago

    It's called hybrid warfare

  112. TheShubLub

    TheShubLub2 months ago

    Wrong. It's not a pump and dump. It's a squeeze

  113. Martin Dumayas

    Martin Dumayas2 months ago


  114. Maximilian B

    Maximilian B2 months ago

    This wasn't the big picture though. A lot of details are missing.