Samsung Galaxy S21 review

Samsung did a lot to lower the price of the regular Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus. But it did prioritize one major upgrade: the processor. Is the new chip, the new design, and the new fingerprint sensor enough to make up for the rest of the phone staying basically the same as last year? Dieter Bohn reviews it to find out.
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review:
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Samsung Galaxy S21 review
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  1. The Verge

    The Verge2 months ago

    What do you think about the changes Samsung made this year?

  2. Marqueeexotic

    MarqueeexoticMonth ago

    @Abhisar Choubey not good enough tell me why should i buy this phone what are the best feature it has from the past galaxy phones cough cough s20??

  3. Abhisar Choubey

    Abhisar ChoubeyMonth ago

    @Marqueeexotic everything the S21 sales are record high in 4 years for a reason

  4. Marqueeexotic

    MarqueeexoticMonth ago

    What are the new changes from s20???? Convince me

  5. Abhisar Choubey

    Abhisar ChoubeyMonth ago

    @Sean Burns I can surely tell this is a take comment 😂😂😂cause S21 ultra's camera is simply the best now and you are denying that only.cause they just also launched world's best and largest image sensor..

  6. Sean Burns

    Sean BurnsMonth ago

    I found S21 Ultra cameras a let down sent it back

  7. Nikhil Chandra

    Nikhil Chandra15 minutes ago

    I just fear the S21's battery would perform bad after 2 years of usage. I'm confused between the S21+ and S21 just because of the battery size.

  8. lordvore

    lordvore6 days ago

    Hold up... What screen resolution? Lower than the s10…?

  9. G B

    G B7 days ago

    Is it worth getting the ultra over the regular s21?

  10. One Guy

    One Guy12 days ago

    What are the difference between s20 camera and s21 ?

  11. kendrick starr

    kendrick starr15 days ago

    Its no palm pre plus.

  12. Sketchable Studios

    Sketchable Studios17 days ago

    Even tho tho the camera is last gen, it practically beats the iPhone 12's camera and most likely the 12 pro as well

  13. Lets Go Flying

    Lets Go Flying18 days ago

    just upgraded on the Samsung site from an S10 to the S21 for $240 w/ trade in.

  14. Henry Bradley

    Henry Bradley19 days ago

    $800?? WHAT A STEAL!

  15. Ken

    Ken24 days ago

    Great review thanks keep up the great reviews.

  16. mr_flawlesstaco

    mr_flawlesstaco25 days ago

    Just got my s21 yesterday

  17. LaughingSquid

    LaughingSquid25 days ago

    If you are jumping fro m a 2017 phone to this one then its probably worth getting but not if you have a 2 year old phone.

  18. Salman Javed

    Salman Javed27 days ago

    Watching on my s21 lol

  19. Ajibola Saka

    Ajibola Saka27 days ago

    Bro did Samsung annoy you 🤣🤣

  20. Dwayne W.

    Dwayne W.Month ago

    Oh wow, an actual review on the base model of the phone.. seems like everyone else was too focused on the Ultra variant. Just know I appreciate you, Verge.

  21. Jason Matthew

    Jason MatthewMonth ago

    I went from a LG 6 to S21 it's a huge difference to me 😁

  22. Jason Matthew

    Jason MatthewMonth ago

    I love my S21 it's a great device. No spen is great actually never used it on other devices

  23. Newf Guy

    Newf GuyMonth ago


  24. Gold Formation

    Gold FormationMonth ago


  25. Darrin

    DarrinMonth ago

    Watching on my s20 ultra, and still loving it...but you know it's all about personal preference, I need to have my sd card....😝

  26. Jose Philip

    Jose PhilipMonth ago

    Still! Exynos is not good enough especially when we know that you guys get a Snapdragon version😭.

  27. diz zy

    diz zyMonth ago

    1 month in and i love my s21. The plastic back is 100% my preference over a fragile glass back. Loving the non curved screen.

  28. eric hanson

    eric hanson18 days ago

    Agree 100%

  29. Kristina Cathy

    Kristina CathyMonth ago

    lot of users are complaining S21 Exynos 2100 version is getting heated quickly using video call and camera is that true ? what is the reson behind it ? i'm asking this because i want to buy a new one

  30. Graham Davey

    Graham DaveyMonth ago

    Hi how do you active PIP in S21 seen that it can be done but cant work it out ??? Any help would be much appreciated thank you. Does the s21 also have object erase?

  31. Andrew Lee

    Andrew LeeMonth ago

    The lack of accessories is not an issue of value, but an issue of: The customer don't matter. If you are a prestigious brand, you would aspire to deliver the most prestigious package to the consumer. What if Tesla stopped selling wheels? What if Starbucks stopped selling coffee in cups? What if Qualcomm stopped producing SOCs with GPUs? It's sad that in 2021, basic things like taking pride in delivering good service to customers has to be taught.

  32. Kevin Gannets

    Kevin GannetsMonth ago

    Just ordered a Phantom White S21 on sale for $649 I can't wait to be back on Android :)

  33. biyarslan

    biyarslanMonth ago

    My old Huawei P30 still have better battery life then my new Galaxy S21

  34. Chris Moore

    Chris MooreMonth ago

    Th only thing drawing me to the s21 is how good the trade in value is right now. I know the price of the phone will go down but I hope the trade in value for older samsung phones doesn't degrade as much

  35. Der Calvin

    Der CalvinMonth ago

    It's interesting, that I've bought the Note 2 during it's release week for 300 Bucks while I'd have to pay around 1500 Bucks for the S21 nowadays :D And yeah I know inflation and "some" more features my comment's just a joke

  36. Clint Curtis

    Clint CurtisMonth ago

    I disagree about the cameras. I’ve seen comparisons with the s20 and the difference was very noticeable

  37. Ben Dover

    Ben DoverMonth ago

    The Note 9 is $1400 on Samsung's shop. Thats almost double the price it was at release. They know how bad their new phones are.

  38. Strahinja Milenkovic

    Strahinja MilenkovicMonth ago

    Best phone today

  39. Nitesh Maharaj

    Nitesh MaharajMonth ago

    I've watched so many review videos of this phone and they all seem like duplicates of one another. This is quite disappointing, because I watch different reviewers to get their unique thoughts a views. I recommend that when you're working on a review for a product, don't watch anyone else's review until after you've released yours.

  40. mpcr

    mpcr2 months ago

    the price also went down because the cost of 5g went down.

  41. Tim Tsai

    Tim Tsai2 months ago

    I have the iPhone 12 mini, Pixel 5 and now the S21. Out of the three: 1. S21 2. iPhone 12 mini/Pixel 5 (Tie) Pixel 5 is a super nice phone, but I use the playback speakers alot and the Pixel 5's in ear speaker on top is just terrible. iPhone 12mini has a really nice setup in comparison, but it has a very weak battery life and doesn't get through the day for me. The S21 basically solved all of these problems for me.

  42. Sean M

    Sean M2 months ago

    I never used mst when I had it ;-;

  43. Magnus Harrison

    Magnus Harrison2 months ago

    I hate this aspect ratio

  44. doomtomb3

    doomtomb32 months ago

    My laptop is 1080p. Are people really complaining about this on a phone?

  45. Charmaine Morala

    Charmaine Morala2 months ago

    I was thinking to upgrade s21 but since i cant add more sd card, so it will be no to me

  46. Liza Soberano

    Liza Soberano2 months ago

    Hope the telephoto becomes a real one telephoto hardware a better one not just cropted from 64mp.

  47. VariTimo

    VariTimo2 months ago

    Remember when $800 phones were considered flagships?

  48. travanti1

    travanti12 months ago

    what brand is your gray mask? where did you get it?

  49. Jace Palermo

    Jace Palermo2 months ago

    As soon as another manufacturer catches up with Samsung, I'm jumping ship. They're getting so extremely greedy and anti-consumer. The baseline S and Note is just to convince you to upgrade to the ultra. At such a high premium, you get a flagship with specs that DONT BEAT a 2 year old phone. Currently holding onto my note 9 because: I still have a headphone jack, 1440p screen, expandable storage, MST chip. I was looking at one of the ultras, but am overwhelmed by the amount of compromise I have to make to buy either, at 1200-1300$. Ridiculous. I hope samsung seriously notices a backlash from this.

  50. Pierre - Louis Stannies

    Pierre - Louis Stannies2 months ago

    "Samsung had to cut down" on a 800$ phone ...

  51. Lee Redman

    Lee Redman2 months ago

    S21 is a downgrade from last year. Pick up a S20 fan edition from last year at a discount and get more features. Especially SD card support.

  52. Βαγγέλης Χουστουλάκης

    Βαγγέλης Χουστουλάκης2 months ago

    I'd prefare an iphone 12 at those money

  53. Shahar Rosner

    Shahar Rosner2 months ago

    Definitely happy I chose the s20 fe 5g instead of S21.. Much better phone at lower price

  54. Nut boy

    Nut boy2 months ago

    Watching this on the S21 phantom violet. This is my first flagship phone and it feels great.

  55. Nut boy

    Nut boy2 months ago

    @Horsey Horsebox It's part of the flagship series but yeah I guess it's not a real flagship

  56. Horsey Horsebox

    Horsey Horsebox2 months ago

    It’s not a flagship phone.

  57. Shubhang

    Shubhang2 months ago

    Samsung should've just released the S21 under the A series or maybe at least something like "S21 mini" similar to what Apple did. Seriously wanted to get the S21 this year but hate the S21 ultra's size to get a "no-compromises" phone. With a display of lower quality than my S9plus , no MST and no expandable storage the S21 is just not a flagship phone, not buying this "upgrade". Poor decision Samsung!

  58. Sandi Hermana

    Sandi Hermana2 months ago

    please tell to becca for making video about the iphone 12 pro max va S21 ultra camera test and comparison

  59. Sobhan Sarthak

    Sobhan Sarthak2 months ago

    800$ is not an expensive phone? Like really? I think most people can only afford something like A series in Samsung rather than a S21 depending on the country.

  60. David Rutitsky

    David Rutitsky2 months ago

    I traded in my s10e and got the S21, galaxy buds+, one of those like trackers that you put on your keys, a wireless charger, and 4 months of youtube premium for $259

  61. izziereal2010

    izziereal20102 months ago

    No micro sd card slot? I pass. How much more will it cost Samsung to include the slot while budget phones include them with no huge cost hikes? It's a great way for consumers to buy the phone with 256gb storage instead of their 128gb model.

  62. Erick De Leon

    Erick De Leon2 months ago

    Feels like he's rushing through the review. Slow down Dieter!

  63. Kartik Sharma

    Kartik Sharma2 months ago

    Apt title.

  64. Mamon Tech

    Mamon Tech2 months ago

    Vivo v20 pro 10days new phone do you want I sell sun shine colour bill box charger all ok

  65. WesternUranus

    WesternUranus2 months ago

    Ultra is Samsung's Pro Maybe we'll get a smaller version of the Ultra next year to compete with the Iphone Pro

  66. Varun S Kumar

    Varun S Kumar2 months ago

    And what explanatiom do they have for not giving the charger brick in the box?

  67. Lynx

    Lynx2 months ago

    Compare to S20 FE please? Thanks

  68. Brandon W

    Brandon W2 months ago

    As a former Samsung user I've become disenfranchised with there offerings the past 3 to 4 years. Pixels and iPhones are for me right now

  69. Jack Dominiak

    Jack Dominiak2 months ago

    Marketed as flagship, in reality an expensive budget phone 😂

  70. asrar ahmed

    asrar ahmed2 months ago

    buy the s20 FE instead

  71. Hinata Shoyo

    Hinata Shoyo2 months ago

    Lol no charger no buy

  72. Jonathan Brady

    Jonathan Brady2 months ago

    $800 plastic phone

  73. Haris Wadud

    Haris Wadud2 months ago

    This phone is really nice and definitely a big improvement over last year only if you get the s21 Ultra. But there's many cons: no charger in the box, no headphone jack, no expandle memory/Sd card, qhd only available on the Ultra, main 108mp camera only on ultra. What is Samsung thinking ? They are becoming more and more like Apple. The main reason I switched to Samsung from Apple many years ago. Guess I'll be upgrading to another brand once my s10+ gets boring lol

  74. Sikal Hota

    Sikal Hota2 months ago

    it was a -ve review from the very begining.

  75. goyod6

    goyod62 months ago

    I desperately need to get rid of my galaxy nope 20. So I pre-ordered the s21 plus. Will arrive tomorrow. If the s21 turns out just as awful as the note,I will finally switch to iPhone. Last chance samsung!!!

  76. Xavier Robinson

    Xavier Robinson2 months ago

    The deal is in the pre order. Get the 200 dollar Samsung gift card

  77. Joshua Whiteneck

    Joshua Whiteneck2 months ago

    This phone is an overpriced disappointment. It should be $200 - $300 cheaper

  78. Ayush Garg

    Ayush Garg2 months ago

    It has fhd display. Even galaxy S8 has Qhd display. It's shame

  79. Harrow

    Harrow2 months ago

    Missing SD card slot,no 3.5 jack,no earphones in Australia they rip you off to buy these,the Ultra 21 starts at 1900aud for 128gb,so buying these accessories will cost you nearly 2,000Aud,if you buy the 256 gb,you will pay 2,000aud,plus the accessories another 200aud,if your not on a plan and buy outright 1,245aud for basis,the plus is 1547aud,the Ultra 21 is 1849aud now all these are 128gb,so add another 100aud for 256gb,its not cheap and on plans well you could at the end of a 2 year plan buy 2 smartphones because if you use a lot and pay extra over your monthly plan you will be dropped off more money,wait for 6 months and the prices will fall.

  80. Nick

    Nick2 months ago

    Glastic is getting some good words, not too bad!

  81. Dylan C

    Dylan C2 months ago

    How come so many subscribers but such low view count lol

  82. Sahil K

    Sahil K2 months ago

    I really don't know why manufacturers like samsung put tons of money into hardware anymore. They really need to focus on software features and stability. Hardware is pretty much near market saturation levels. My S10+ with the 855 works super fast, even after 2 years.

  83. ExAvier A

    ExAvier A2 months ago

    Would it be a good upgrade to switch from an s9 to this? I bought the s9 at launch and didn't really like it at first coming from iPhone but that oneUI grew on me.

  84. Roger Innocent

    Roger Innocent2 months ago

    Traded mine with tmo. S21 Ultra 512Gb is costing me $550 broken down over 24 months. with an additional $200 credit on Samsung site. Not a bad deal.

  85. saim khan

    saim khan2 months ago

    Wish I could have a link to buy the shirts the presenter is wearing. Nice colors/design

  86. mrcowan_

    mrcowan_2 months ago

    i'm still rocking my pixel 2 xl, so everything at this point is up for grabs lol

  87. Alex

    Alex2 months ago

    Well done review.


    DAVI VERÍSSIMO2 months ago

    No micro SD slot it's a very bad thing, don't matter the storage. They are literally copying the iPhone.

  89. Jon Thor

    Jon Thor2 months ago

    Vs Iphone 11 & 12

  90. Faruk Zeqiri

    Faruk Zeqiri2 months ago

    I made also the chois "like samsung" to save money! I'll wait till next year.

  91. MX127

    MX1272 months ago

    Is there any phone with oled screen and removable battery?

  92. Ant toe Knee

    Ant toe Knee2 months ago

    I feel like its a downgrade since I have the s20. I like the tap and pay and memory slot. Ya it will only be 50 bucks and 100 in credit but not worth it

  93. Jason Chamberlain

    Jason Chamberlain2 months ago

    i just did get the s20 FE a few months ago and there aren’t a lot of new things to justify an upgrade. But that purple color is lovely.

  94. Borislav Beshkov

    Borislav Beshkov2 months ago

    Why do people want a glass back so much? Plastic is a lot more durable and 99% of people I know use a case on the phone so you cannot even see what is under it.

  95. qwertzuiop

    qwertzuiop2 months ago

    Rocking an S7

  96. Moses Tekper

    Moses Tekper2 months ago

    The glass at the back of a phone is the most useless thing you can come up with.

  97. Edison John

    Edison John2 months ago

    Samsung is not just the only choice. Hi Xiaomi! Fortunately I live within Asia :)

  98. Ryan Nguyen

    Ryan Nguyen2 months ago

    When it comes to Android, I only like the Pixel.

  99. Traveller Man

    Traveller Man2 months ago

    Iphone 12 mini size and a samsung s21 ultra specs. That would force me to buy one regardless of the price

  100. Traveller Man

    Traveller Man2 months ago

    If it was Iphone 12 mini size and a samsung s21 ultra specs, that would force me to buy one regardless of the price

  101. Arjun Sanesh

    Arjun Sanesh2 months ago

    If Samsung could make their Exynos chip better, like as good as snapdragon, they can bring down the price of the phone! But I guess this will take an other year or 2...

  102. Arjun Sanesh

    Arjun Sanesh2 months ago

    @BaddieUniverse That's good to know

  103. BaddieUniverse

    BaddieUniverse2 months ago

    The price was brought down and exynos battery is actually better than SD this year

  104. JT Manuel

    JT Manuel2 months ago

    Disappointing offering from samsung.

  105. cantthinkany

    cantthinkany2 months ago

    5:08- what’s up with phone on oranges , lol

  106. Stefan

    Stefan2 months ago

    S22 and S21+ are made to be failure. Their sole purpose are to drive ppl to buy S21Ultra, the same as Note20, or to make the future S21FE look good by comparison.

  107. Tech Aisle

    Tech Aisle2 months ago

    The S21 being $800, does it mean that the S21 FE is just non-existent or is it going to be even lower priced? Like, how about $549 or $600?

  108. Amix Raga

    Amix Raga2 months ago

    Please tell with phone should I buy s20 plus or s21??

  109. Flipped_itover

    Flipped_itover2 months ago

    Not everybody wants a big phone I wouldn’t mind the S 21+ so from the sounds of it the better camera is on the ultra well I don’t want the ultra because it’s too big of a phone just like my iPhone 12 pro max with AT&T

  110. Stephen Wakeman

    Stephen Wakeman2 months ago

    So... you're saying that 800+ is what you consider the "inexpensive phone"? It might be a third less than the ultra high end, but that alone does not make it inexpensive. It being inexpensive would make it, you know, inexpensive.

  111. K

    K2 months ago

    Are you sure about 4k60 fps on all lenses?