Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro review: $130 ANC buds

The $130 Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pros do a lot of things well, but so do a lot of other earbuds at this price. It’s their competitive active noise cancellation and well-designed app that helps them stand out though.
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  1. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    Bud, what wireless earbud should I review next?

  2. Garrett Scherrer

    Garrett Scherrer3 days ago

    The Jabra elites!!

  3. Keshav Gurung

    Keshav Gurung17 days ago

    Huawei Freebuds 4i

  4. Nikhil Polade

    Nikhil Polade21 day ago

    Not an earbud but can you review Soundcore Life Q20 with Hybrid Noise Cancellation Headset

  5. Sal Dav

    Sal Dav22 days ago

    Liberty 2 pro

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    Seung Hwan Lee25 days ago

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    Manong DogeDay ago

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    Khaled Essghaier2 days ago

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  9. Devendra Ghodke

    Devendra Ghodke2 days ago

    How does it sound ?

  10. Nawar Ashfaq

    Nawar Ashfaq4 days ago

    Awesome Reviewer.... So refreshing... And the hairstyle ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Sudipto Kumar

    Sudipto Kumar8 days ago

    What I looked at thumbnail, and looking at the logo I thought it's a beat headphones 🎧

  12. Lal Sayd

    Lal Sayd11 days ago

    Mic test 😭

  13. Shashank Raghuvanshi

    Shashank Raghuvanshi17 days ago

    You know when a youngster talks about earbuds, there is no mention of microphone quality, that too in the pandemic times

  14. Monsoon888

    Monsoon88817 days ago

    Becca is adorable. Like a tech pixie! Love her.

  15. Shawn SQ Zhang

    Shawn SQ Zhang21 day ago

    Could you please review the JBL Live Pro Plus when it comes out? 😅

  16. Pave_Way Wiz

    Pave_Way Wiz22 days ago

    If you want extra authentic base and extra authentic volume then I suggest POWERAMP MUSIC PLAYER. I was worried about lower sound and lower base when I first ordered my Soundcore Spirit X2s until I decided to use PA player.


    YOLOLIFE25 days ago

    Omfg no one in comment section with anything helpful to say about the earbuds just a bunch of fanboys and fangirls

  18. Onpassive Today

    Onpassive Today26 days ago

    🤠👩‍🦰 THANKS for your technical info

  19. Lewis Holman

    Lewis Holman27 days ago

    Reviewer is top class

  20. Søren Steffen

    Søren Steffen28 days ago

    I haven’t yet found Andy earbuds I Can watch videos with on My iPad. They all have a latency that makes you go crazy after a very short time. But I never see that mentioned in reviews. Am I the only One watching videos on an iPad?

  21. Pranay Agrawal

    Pranay Agrawal28 days ago

    Becca ❤️🥺❤️🥺

  22. Johanan Sen

    Johanan Sen28 days ago

    That plaid mask! I need to know where you bought that plaid mask!



    may I know more about Reviewer anyone helping?

  24. Lukas Rajnoha

    Lukas Rajnoha29 days ago

    The original Soundcore Liberty Air 2 actually have single tap controlls too, however they were added later after their release, so this might be the Liberty Air 2 Pro's case as well.

  25. Dene. F.

    Dene. F.Month ago

    Great review but... Connection quality? Very important in wireless buds. Also IP rating if any? Very important here in rainy England. Many thanks.

  26. Med Saib

    Med SaibMonth ago

    This is basically an ad.. you could do better the verge!

  27. Ujjwal Thakur

    Ujjwal ThakurMonth ago

    So Damn Cool....So Damn talented.

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    JerrmzMonth ago

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    Yannick ReidMonth ago

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    Tausif ZamanMonth ago

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  31. Pete Pablo Gaming

    Pete Pablo GamingMonth ago

    What is that face mask? Can't seem to find it

  32. Hana Dutina

    Hana DutinaMonth ago

    love your face mask, can you tell me what brand it is or where to buy it? thanks

  33. obamtl

    obamtlMonth ago

    Surprised they’ve not been slapped with a lawsuit from Apple. For that logo.

  34. Tobia Loschiavo

    Tobia LoschiavoMonth ago

    Does it support aptX on Android?

  35. Sitch77

    Sitch77Month ago

    Rich and full in content and vibes that missed in many tech reviews. Great job, keep up the great work.

  36. Federica B.

    Federica B.Month ago

    Here for Becca!

  37. Harshvardhan Sinha

    Harshvardhan SinhaMonth ago

    I don't know why will you give airpods pro higher score as compared to galaxy buds pro when clearly galaxy buds pro have better sound stage and quality as stated by many reviewers and by you as well. Airpods may have better ANC, but shouldn't sound quality be given more weightage. Some times I feel since Apple products have that aspirational value (and somehow more so with Verge guys), that your reviews feel biased.

  38. Timeline Breaking

    Timeline BreakingMonth ago


  39. Talis Abolins

    Talis AbolinsMonth ago

    A Sanken mic, good choise! :)

  40. Azamanis Ishak

    Azamanis IshakMonth ago

    nice BUT,super big casing, i mean bad for myEDC.

  41. roth mony

    roth monyMonth ago

    I can't wait you review soundcore liberty air 2

  42. .

    .Month ago

    You look like a actor

  43. Jim Wall

    Jim WallMonth ago

    Went online to see how much the liberty air 2 pro are here in the UK and found out that there's also a none pro version. Apart from being half the price of the pro version, are there any other big differences?

  44. YourStorms TV

    YourStorms TV2 days ago

    Same with Sound, amazing sound and bass, but these have added anc, ambient mode, and more color options. If you don’t really care about such things like blocking out really good anc or ambient mode, then get the other ones. If you’d like anc, get thesen

  45. QuitePurple

    QuitePurpleMonth ago

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    Paul KeenanMonth ago

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    Denny LewisMonth ago

    Her wave is so strong, Jealous

  50. Jay Rajgor

    Jay RajgorMonth ago

    I agree 100% I have a few soundcore devices and handling them on the app isn't just easy but Fun too

  51. Batman's Wholesale Acrylic Paints

    Batman's Wholesale Acrylic PaintsMonth ago

    Just a Becca bud watching a buds review

  52. Russell Smith

    Russell SmithMonth ago

    I've been curious about these and I like the Soundcore brand. Thanks for the review!

  53. Neth S.

    Neth S.Month ago

    How about white noise? Btw, great job Becca! As always.

  54. Michael Corcoran

    Michael CorcoranMonth ago

    More bass? I think these -- SoundCore in general -- are over bassy. It's v shaped

  55. Onion Knight

    Onion KnightMonth ago

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  56. Adeel Ahmad

    Adeel AhmadMonth ago

    Why are you making fun of the HearID and making a face like this is such bs...but then going on to say it actually worked and made things sound better?

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    inshan hoseinMonth ago

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  60. _ jeromethegreat

    _ jeromethegreatMonth ago

    I'm getting the galaxy buds pro to replace my jabra elite active 75t's, but if I ever have any extra money floating around I'm definitely gonna get these just to have as a backup bc they seem amazing. Also that's the coolest jacket ever.

  61. grg

    grgMonth ago

    Why replace?

  62. Giancarlo D

    Giancarlo DMonth ago

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    chibinojoseMonth ago

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    Giancarlo DMonth ago

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    1337squirrelMonth ago

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  68. David Ott

    David OttMonth ago

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  69. Mani

    ManiMonth ago

    That product name is a word salad. I’m gonna create a company and release MusicCenter Air Pro Max 21 lite ANC TWS mini FREEDOM! Let’s see if I can beat Anker at their own game.

  70. BamBam KapoW

    BamBam KapoWMonth ago

    look like a knockoff of beats and airpod combine from the logo to design.

  71. Srihith Bandaru

    Srihith BandaruMonth ago

    How many of you know that equalizer test is already available in samsung phones?

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    NokiwaMonth ago

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  90. roguegeek

    roguegeekMonth ago

    There's quality control issues with these people should be aware of. I had to return two before finally getting one that wasn't DOA. Also, the NC feature isn't very good when looking at competitive products. I do keep them around and use them, though, so I guess that's saying something.

  91. Marco

    MarcoMonth ago

    Becca's attitude is so refreshing. Please, Verge, we want to see more reviews from Becca.

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    thatgeekdadMonth ago

    BECCA! Ok with that out of the way, I have a pair of these and for $130 they are not bad but if you can afford, especially with an iPhone, to get the AirPods Pro, go that route. ANC on the Liberty are 60% effective. They give you a ton of ear tips to try and make the fit but I went through all of them and couldn't. Mainly, the Liberty don't stick in very far. Sounds weird buy if you have a long length from the outside of your ear to wear you need the tip to fit nicely, so it seems like me, these will fall out a lot and almost every time your head is not still and vertical. I am 6'4" with a much bigger head than most people (New Era 7 3/4 fitted cap) so with those dimensions in mind, I might be the very very small minority of those who are out of luck. But with the medium tips on the AirPods Pro, don't have that issue at all.

  99. Nicholas Warren

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