This year will be huge for electric cars. Here’s why.

2021 is shaping up to be a blockbuster year for electric cars. Nearly three dozen EVs from 20 automotive manufacturers are expected to go on sale this year. We zero in on seven of those EVs to talk about what they mean for the future of electric mobility.
Learn more:
0:00 Intro
0:37 Tesla Cybertruck
1:43 GMC Hummer EV
2:58 Rivian R1T and R1S
4:06 Rivian Amazon Delivery Truck
4:20 Volkswagen ID.4
6:22 Ford Mustang Mach-E
7:10 Nissan Ariya
9:04 Lucid Air
10:14 EV Startups
10:48 Tesla Model S and X Interior Updates
11:07 Conclusion
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  1. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    Have you considered investing in an EV? Do the vehicles showcased here have features that appeal to you? If not, what should manufacturers do to earn your purchase?

  2. o_o

    o_oMonth ago

    Where's the Ioniq5?

  3. Markus Weron

    Markus WeronMonth ago

    Do you have a video on how eco-friendly these cars really are? It's hard to find reliable information about that. Thx

  4. Saul Perez

    Saul PerezMonth ago

    I have considered in getting an EV, specifically the Rivian R1S. What attracts me to it more than any other is, as it's stands now, the possibility to sit 7 adult passengers according to Rivian and other EV influencer's. I'm skeptical about their promises because of the reputation that most EV manufacturers promise at the beginning of their mass production journey. My hesitation in adding myself to their queue is the entry to "play" -$1000 for a deposit- and the promises in repairability. The repairability issue is much bigger than they predict and if mass orders and newer design mod's are made I can't imagine them keeping their promises of servicing THEIR EV at an "owner's" home.

  5. fire fox

    fire foxMonth ago

    In 1900 of all cars in the USA 38% were powered by electric motors. Now it is 1,9%.

  6. Fernfee

    FernfeeMonth ago

    Yeah, I recently got my first car, a 2013 Fiat 500, but was really excited about the new all-electric model. Unfortunately, it is not currently slated to release in North America 😪

  7. Albrecht Fortman [GardenArcade]

    Albrecht Fortman [GardenArcade]4 days ago

    Yes more on the china market!

  8. Tommy Pugh

    Tommy Pugh21 day ago

    I think that ev charging station should add a federal tax for every amp or watt pending on how it is decided to charge your vehicle. I also believe home charging stations should have a current meter and a monthly tax should be charged.

  9. Logan Buckley

    Logan Buckley26 days ago

    Fun fact:electricity comes from power plants which use coal. so electric cars produce more carbon emissions then gas cars


    HAILELLEUL TESERA28 days ago

    Volkswagen is the least inovative company in the car industry they don't make any sense

  11. shawn cell

    shawn cellMonth ago

    gm did not make a car for the average Jo, they are only doing it for attention . bring buyers back to there gas brands . just a sales stunt

  12. Stian Thomassen

    Stian ThomassenMonth ago

    Price on fuel: Gas vs Electric? Here in Norway a friend of mine who commute about 50 miles every day with an EV, pays about $40 a month for the charging. Had he used a gas car I guess the price would have been $200-250 a month. How is that in the US?

  13. Will Grey

    Will GreyMonth ago


  14. Nick

    NickMonth ago

    Electric Vehicles are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! I can't wait for it to take over the world :D

  15. FALTomJäger

    FALTomJägerMonth ago

    God I hate The Verge

  16. Gold Formation

    Gold FormationMonth ago


  17. Mariano Perez

    Mariano PerezMonth ago

    Where are the electric minivans? That’s what I’m holding out for.

  18. Peter Dorn

    Peter DornMonth ago

    EV's are looking better all the time, but until we have a charging infrastructure with universal charging plugs, it will be hard to go past the tipping point of massacceptance

  19. Rene Brakus

    Rene BrakusMonth ago

    There is a EV company called Rimac, which you didn't mention. Worth looking into.

  20. Action Animations

    Action AnimationsMonth ago

    Lol @ China's electric cars. They've all failed and the company went bankrupt by the billions and had to get new management.

  21. Chris Ose

    Chris OseMonth ago

    1.5 million cybertruck preorders, not 500k. Is big oil paying you to say that?

  22. Jakob Ortner

    Jakob OrtnerMonth ago

    Make Cars efficient not electric.

  23. Rick Omar Kazi

    Rick Omar KaziMonth ago

    Considering Ford Mustang Mach E and Polestar 2. Telsa has the lowest quality, which is disappointing. Rivian will beat CyberTruck.

  24. Brandon Sanchez Rojas

    Brandon Sanchez RojasMonth ago

    i just want an actual affordable electric suv that isn't going to run me up 50k

  25. José Hawkins

    José HawkinsMonth ago

    Stop it with Nikola! It’s a fraudulent company.

  26. xchopp

    xchoppMonth ago

    Apart from the Bolt they're all so... BIG. Much nicer to have a small EV for around-town use. Most of us live in cities or the suburbs and that fraction is only getting larger. I guess we'll never get over car as fashion statement. M3 is also quite small and it seems to get regular updates, so that's still quite attractive. I wish ID.3 were coming to the US, thank dog I own an e-Golf that will covers almost all our driving needs.

  27. Miguel Vega

    Miguel VegaMonth ago

    Solid video

  28. J H

    J HMonth ago

    I am doing something wrong. I am almost 30 years old and paying 30k for a car would be a dream. At least I am healthy👌.

  29. Steven S

    Steven SMonth ago

    My next vehicle will probably be my last gasoline vehicle. My current lease is up in November and unless the prices for EV are dropping, I cannot afford one. P.S. I drive a 2019 Kona and love their EV version but I cannot afford the price increase and I'm only driving about 6000 miles/year! Maybe my 2025 vehicle will be an EV because there won't be any gasoline cars made by then.

  30. EMYHR

    EMYHRMonth ago

    If they want everybody switching to EV then they gonna have to drop those prices down some. And can’t be like oh after tax credits this is $30k but it’s up $7500 federal tax credit. Which you won’t get till you file your taxes

  31. Danny Bae

    Danny BaeMonth ago

    I'm pumped for the Ioniq 5. That thing's gonna eat everything else for breakfast.

  32. jack niessen

    jack niessenMonth ago

    Gimme a sedan that’s cheaper than a model 3 and I’m game

  33. Flip Heck3

    Flip Heck3Month ago

    there also some nice options coming from Mercedes

  34. Mo Plants

    Mo PlantsMonth ago

    what about hyundai ionic 5?

  35. Samuel Mayfield

    Samuel MayfieldMonth ago

    Definitely review the Polestar 2

  36. davidwave4

    davidwave4Month ago

    It seems like lots of automakers are betting that relatively affluent people (or families) will buy mid-size SUVs instead of sedans or sports cars. I'm curious if there will be a wave of relatively cheap sedan (like the Honda Accord or Toyota Corolla) EVs in the coming years if these are successful.

  37. Brien Gerber

    Brien GerberMonth ago

    The number one that IMO that these companies need to make sure is solved is charging. I should be able to charge at any companies station, just like you do with gas, and just like you do with charging your other electronics. (i.e. USB C but for cars)

  38. Matty sopp

    Matty soppMonth ago

    Companies need to start working on affordable and basic EV's for the next decades new drivers; or come up with rental/subscribtion contracts similar to how we rent/subscribe to our phones.

  39. seeburgm100a

    seeburgm100aMonth ago

    Where does the electricity to charge these cars come from? Can the power grid supply enough to charge more cars? What happens to the batteries when they go bad, where do they go? The world is not advanced enough for electric vehicles (yet).

  40. Phil Burtscher

    Phil BurtscherMonth ago

    Taycan Wagon!!!

  41. Bennett Chabalala

    Bennett ChabalalaMonth ago

    EU emotion rules also played a big part in the existence of the ID4

  42. Michael JF

    Michael JFMonth ago

    All cars look the same. I am not a fan of Cyberturck but at least ITS SOMETHING NEW

  43. A A

    A AMonth ago

    You are making a big mistake by neglecting Dacia Spring.

  44. Thomas Nimmo

    Thomas NimmoMonth ago

    Just pulled the trigger on a Tesla model 3 in January. If you haven't test driven a tesla, it's hard to understand just how good it is compared to legacy gas vehicles.

  45. Gowtham Udhay

    Gowtham UdhayMonth ago

    India's TATA Nexon EV is a worthy car. You could have mentioned it.

  46. Harsh Nishar

    Harsh NisharMonth ago

    Yes make more ev videos

  47. kokowasarunokunidesu

    kokowasarunokunidesuMonth ago

    That Tesla Cybertruck is very reminiscent of the De Lorean.

  48. BenThePirate

    BenThePirateMonth ago

    I like what Lucid has to offer in the coming years. Can’t wait for the Air to hit the streets this year $CCIV

  49. KAT

    KATMonth ago

    We gotta stop with gigantic cars in the US

  50. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk JohnsonMonth ago

    Could you do a video on EV drive trains and the possible future of them. The Aptera is using hub motors which are way simpler as they have no drive shafts or gears. Just a powered hub. I love the simplicity of the idea but I'm not able to find much basic information on their real world performance. I'm not sure why they are not more common as they seem like a slam dunk to me- I'm maybe missing something? Or perhaps they are too new on the scene for large vehicles and there isn't much info yet? I'm new to the subject of EV's and I appreciate your video on them.

  51. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk JohnsonMonth ago

    I'm dissapointed that you didn't mention the Aptera. Perhaps you didn't include it as it is not yet in production but is expected to roll the first ones out later this year. Maybe you could do a whole video on the Aptera? I think they are extremely interesting and rather unique in the EV world. For sure anyone interested in EV's would be interested in them I think.

  52. Drosophila Melanogaster

    Drosophila MelanogasterMonth ago

    Sorry buddy, thumbs down 2 min into. Pathetic.

  53. Berend Kluijfhout

    Berend KluijfhoutMonth ago

    Why are Americans so obsessed with SUV's? There are tons of other EV types around.

  54. Brien Gerber

    Brien Gerber23 days ago

    @pyrotechnic Its not about the distance, it's about how much room you need in your car when traveling that distance for all your stuff/people.

  55. pyrotechnic

    pyrotechnic23 days ago

    @Brien Gerber that has nothing to do with SUVs though. More aerodynamic designs should go further.

  56. Brien Gerber

    Brien GerberMonth ago

    We drive a lot, and it's a very big country. So accounting for space needed to drive across the country is a pretty common thought that folks have.

  57. Barnaby Thorngate

    Barnaby ThorngateMonth ago

    Great video. Now can we have one for the rest of the world?

  58. Philip Leonardo

    Philip LeonardoMonth ago

    Hummer EV is overdesign truck another mistake for they are eating dust aginst Tesla..

  59. Antivirus

    AntivirusMonth ago

    please please PLEASE make a video on the aptera concept

  60. jelybrd

    jelybrdMonth ago

    Cybertruck has over 1.2 million preorders

  61. Katz Matz

    Katz MatzMonth ago

    I think the topic is misleading. Every year will be huge for electric cars, not just 2021. 2022, 2023, ... and so on. The electric car era just kicked off and there is no going back. Maybe billions of barrels of oil will stay underground forever.


    PRASANTH V PMonth ago

    Dacia Spring EV , ID 4 , Tesla Model Y will be flagship cars of 2021.

  63. Glyne Martin

    Glyne MartinMonth ago

    Hey Lucid! Selling "air" to the public sounds like a corrupt business practice...

  64. Engorgio Armani

    Engorgio ArmaniMonth ago

    what kind of name is Xpeng? LOL

  65. Galo Aguirre

    Galo AguirreMonth ago

    half a million 100 $ deposits?

  66. Top Hat

    Top HatMonth ago

    Why? What's the answer

  67. Petr Vojtěch

    Petr VojtěchMonth ago

    I would add Hyundai IONIQ 5 to the list. Hyundai has been making highly efficent EVs for a while and it's newly announced Ioniq 5 looks very promising with great specs, modern design... and it is set for sale this year.

  68. Dustin Dangli

    Dustin DangliMonth ago

    I'm still a few years out until I buy a new car but this has me very excited for the future of EVs.

  69. Obtuse Acute

    Obtuse AcuteMonth ago

    Wtf is this channel?

  70. george ibrahim

    george ibrahimMonth ago

    If you’re doing EV cars do about the e tron GT

  71. Aavash Rumba

    Aavash RumbaMonth ago

    Finally EV's are becoming a thing now...I hope this will help reduce pollution

  72. Angry Skeleton Corn Man

    Angry Skeleton Corn ManMonth ago

    its called planting more trees

  73. Barry Neild

    Barry NeildMonth ago

    Doesn't that China has the biggest EV market? Nio, BYD, XPeng...

  74. David C

    David CMonth ago

    Most of China’s sales are cheap city cars that wouldn’t pass inspection here. Hopefully new Nio and Byton cars change that to give Tesla competition. But Tesla is the most profitable in China also.

  75. ArizVern

    ArizVernMonth ago


  76. Mick Krever

    Mick KreverMonth ago

    *"I swear: XPeng does not exist 🛑"* *- The Verge*

  77. Mick Krever

    Mick KreverMonth ago

    *"I swear if we don't talk about: XPeng does not exist 🛑"* * - The Verge*

  78. Mick Krever

    Mick KreverMonth ago

    *We don't suppose to talk about the big bad Nio and XPeng hahahaha 🤣* *- The Verge*

  79. Rakib Shaharia

    Rakib ShahariaMonth ago

    Lucid and rivian has a lot of hype but still no product..i hope they get in the market fast.

  80. Garic Trubon

    Garic TrubonMonth ago

    Yall didn't say a single thing about EV motorcycles.

  81. C.W. Lin

    C.W. LinMonth ago

    Please make a video about Nio (or battery swapping strategy)🙏

  82. Tommy Luu

    Tommy LuuMonth ago

    Yes, more electric car videos!

  83. SanziL Madye

    SanziL MadyeMonth ago

    It's ridiculous the amount of ads on this video. More ads or more cars

  84. John Rowell

    John RowellMonth ago

    Please, do a video on Nio!

  85. TheSmartOjus

    TheSmartOjusMonth ago

    please do more electric car videos, I want to learn more about them as when I am at the right age to buy cars, I want them to be all electric. I'd want to be as informed as possible and these videos help a lot! :D

  86. Steve

    SteveMonth ago

    Overpriced cars, poor charging infrastructure and in some cases, poorly maintained charging points.... Nope, not for me thank you

  87. Bicicleteiros

    BicicleteirosMonth ago

    Electric cars are still... cars. It's not sustainable transportation. Start riding your f****** bicycles right now.

  88. 👨🏻‍💻

    👨🏻‍💻Month ago

    That's Tesla truck is sooo desperate to be conceptually innovative that it's f*cking hideous!!! 🤮 That EV hummer though! I just came 🤤

  89. Sam Anthony

    Sam AnthonyMonth ago

    a video about NIO would be cool!

  90. Beastbee 011

    Beastbee 011Month ago

    Not my president...

  91. TheImtoomuch

    TheImtoomuchMonth ago

    LOL! We’ve heard this year will be huge for electric cars for at least a decade now. Nope. Still not going to happen.

  92. Luis Torres

    Luis TorresMonth ago

    For a sec I thought that first guy was Nathaniel Drew.

  93. Brocaprio

    BrocaprioMonth ago

    Please make a video about china’s foray into EVs

  94. Ashley Giron

    Ashley GironMonth ago

    The crooked kite unquestionably wave because stem dentsply list for a pathetic brandy. harmonious, premium hell

  95. Blanc Studio

    Blanc StudioMonth ago

    It’s not Dieter, im out!

  96. Rexhep Nikqi

    Rexhep NikqiMonth ago


  97. Rexhep Nikqi

    Rexhep NikqiMonth ago


  98. Charley Sun

    Charley SunMonth ago

    Talk Nio and other foreign EV startups!

  99. Some guy

    Some guyMonth ago

    @Mick Krever wut

  100. Mick Krever

    Mick KreverMonth ago

    *"I swear: XPeng or the biggest EV market by far does not exist 🛑🤐 Zip"* *- The Verge*

  101. CRT Mojo

    CRT MojoMonth ago

    Ev charging stations are the new money makers. They are needed anywhere and everywhere you park and they can be franchised.

  102. SequoiaElisabeth

    SequoiaElisabethMonth ago

    nice job guys! Thanks

  103. GLR

    GLRMonth ago


  104. phoarey

    phoareyMonth ago

    It's amusing how most of these cars from legacy manufacturers have faux grills. It reminds me of how the early motor cars looked like buggys from the horse and buggy days.

  105. Arnaud Bruckert

    Arnaud BruckertMonth ago

    Who is craving for SUVs? Really? Bulky heavy useless car...

  106. Daniel Bass

    Daniel BassMonth ago

    Yes another video on EVs

  107. Christoph Resmerowski

    Christoph ResmerowskiMonth ago


  108. Christoph Resmerowski

    Christoph ResmerowskiMonth ago


  109. The Derp Pickles

    The Derp PicklesMonth ago

    All those cars probably have better computers than yours

  110. Miguel lopez

    Miguel lopezMonth ago

    For tesla and lucid definitely, the others, not so much.

  111. guiseppehammer

    guiseppehammerMonth ago

    YES, make more EV videos 👌🔋

  112. Mike Venson

    Mike VensonMonth ago

    More electric vehicles mean more federal taxes to make up the tax loss of gas tax.

  113. Miguel lopez

    Miguel lopezMonth ago

    They could pay for it with the subsidies they use for oil.

  114. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    Isnt torque normally measured in NM ? Never heard of pound feet

  115. Miguel lopez

    Miguel lopezMonth ago

    I hear it more then NM for description of torque for a car, it's the American way of describing it.

  116. Robin Sin

    Robin SinMonth ago

    You guys missed Hyundai Ioniq 5 which will be big player in this market.