M1 MacBook Pro and Air review: Apple delivers

Apple has updated three Mac with its own M1 processors: the Macbook Air, the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini. Will Intel-based apps run? Will they be fast? Will they live up to Apple's battery life claims? Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn have a thousand questions, and almost all of them have been answered.
Read more about the MacBook Pro here: bit.ly/32TzYG2
And here for the MacBook Air: bit.ly/3lGtO3d
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  1. The Verge

    The Verge4 months ago

    Has Apple done enough to help you trust its all new processors?

  2. Iggy Cygnus

    Iggy CygnusMonth ago

    Just purchased an M1 MacBook Pro 💻 with 16GB memory and 1TB of storage. This thing is a sleeper. Nobody would suspect it until a drag race is initiated.

  3. Waqar Masood

    Waqar Masood2 months ago

    @Zane DuFour , it can run Linux, it's 💯tested.

  4. marioepsilon

    marioepsilon3 months ago

    Note that this is the max power they got, the MacBook Pro has the same chip as the Air. If they could make it better they would. Also note that the Pro has 16G RAM, that is intentional, to avoid putting too much pressure on the CPU. This, while is a huge improvement for the Air, it is not for Pro Macs. In fact, I wouldn't call the M1 Pro a Pro, that is just a MacBook. Making this great for the Air is something, scaling these up, to make them powerful enough for the desktop Mac Pro machines is another thing.

  5. Yann Landry

    Yann Landry4 months ago

    Absolutely! I'm blown away with the performances of these new chips! I'm only waiting for the 14" MacBook Pro to replace my 2014 15" MacBook Pro and once the new iMac comes out, I'm going to replace my 2011 27"!

  6. C M

    C M4 months ago

    Got the Air and it is incredible! Replacing both my quad core 17" and 8core 15" Macbook Pros as favourite Macs. Might get a Mac mini and see if it can replace my Mac Pro or iMac Pro haha. But will probably wait for the M2 to see, I do think they will pay for themselves in energy consumption!

  7. Preyas Lokhande

    Preyas Lokhande3 days ago

    hi there I am your USlikes subscriber and I bought MacBook Pro m1 under your guidance and thoughts on it ..but after using for almost one month I am facing an issues regarding the cursor lag what happens is that whenever I restart my Mac the cursor gets frozen at one place.Please guide me to fix this issue

  8. Gemson Dordas

    Gemson Dordas6 days ago

    LOL my Fully Spec Acer i9 only lasts 2 hours in Zoom. And always lags in Chrome. Sometimes it goes blue screen... rubbish..

  9. Alex Segovia

    Alex Segovia7 days ago

    Why so much hate to the touch bar? I find it pretty neat and useful for me tho

  10. Rafael Freitas

    Rafael Freitas13 days ago

    Just received mine yesterday. Base model MBA M1. It's really, really fast. Though I prefer the original MBA keyboard (now my old 13" MBA is running a Linux distro).

  11. Paul McCabe

    Paul McCabe17 days ago

    Nice review, I’ve just bought myself one 👍

  12. pasquale canfora

    pasquale canfora18 days ago

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  13. Michael Kwan

    Michael Kwan18 days ago

    12:12 starts to go little crazy on the keyboard to save his life...

  14. A G

    A G20 days ago

    Does anybody have their MacBook Air 2020 m1 serial number starting with "F"? Does this mean it is refurbished?

  15. Septic_Eye_ Revolution

    Septic_Eye_ Revolution28 days ago

    M1 ARM Processor is a huge step forward for the performance, the optimisation of the native and even Intel-based apps, the productivity and the professionals like the programmers, the editors and the photographers! Thanks for the outstanding review! The amazing specs, the transition and the Apple’s own architecture are incredible!

  16. Spank daG

    Spank daG29 days ago

    just came to see the verge's opinion on computers given how good they know how to assemble them

  17. Its Detective Orangie

    Its Detective OrangieMonth ago

    Can You Send Me One?

  18. Kalluxe

    KalluxeMonth ago

    How about gaming on the Pro?

  19. Mohammed Ali - Ali

    Mohammed Ali - AliMonth ago

    they should make more ports! And the option that you can change the RAM & SSD!

  20. Nic s

    Nic sMonth ago

    Ngl probably shouldn’t have started with the tomb raider benchmark in order to show off the power of those computers 😂

  21. Alles over Vorden

    Alles over VordenMonth ago

    i have now the MacBook Air m1 and. I am blowed away I m very happy with this Mac. so this video is complete right about the specs. but on thing. I hope they fix the ssd issue for the m1 about the memory swap. than I am more happy than before.

  22. TweegyBlink

    TweegyBlinkMonth ago

    The next generation chips are going to be a Monster RIP Intel.

  23. Zarif Playz YT

    Zarif Playz YTMonth ago

    Why does almost 90% of tech reviewers deeply criticize the touch bar?... I LOVE IT! Honestly, It's pretty cool and useful if you know how to make it USEFUL. It makes the MacBook Pro stand out from other computers and it's really fun to use. LIKE IF YOU GUYS AGREE :)

  24. Today's Grail Tomorrow's Beater

    Today's Grail Tomorrow's BeaterMonth ago

    are reviewers just sticking with the herd when they say things like the touchbar was a mistake? many of us love the touchbar.

  25. Pieter

    PieterMonth ago

    6:46 Maybe install the arm version of chrome / chromium.

  26. Rocco Ripepi

    Rocco RipepiMonth ago

    Can Macbook Air M1 can work with two external screens? Like close the laptop and work on both screens? My current macbook air 2017 only works on one screen, if used both hdmi cable, it becomes a mirror on both screens.

  27. Etimfon Bassey

    Etimfon BasseyMonth ago


  28. Yuri Travels

    Yuri TravelsMonth ago

    Why old guy is wearing a mask on video? Your videos are show offs like him wearing a mask

  29. shiva K

    shiva KMonth ago

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  30. Pip

    PipMonth ago

    straighten your fkn back wtf

  31. Famous James

    Famous JamesMonth ago

    Great review video. Finally a channel that answers good and bad tech. I'm still not sure which to replace my 2009, yes you read correctly, 2009 macbook pro. I need to replace as its no good. I use for editing my own youtube videos which takes ages to bounce like 4 hours for a 5 min videos. the battery is 30 mins life and well its a 2009. I watch youtube, I edit on iMovie and I can't upgrade it anymore as apple won't let me. HELP ME haha.

  32. Betty Crock

    Betty CrockMonth ago

    I disagree I like the touch bar and I don’t want a touch screen lol but good review

  33. Sufyan Ali

    Sufyan AliMonth ago

    Do not buy Apple Macbook Pro M1. I bought it just 2 days ago. Its having display issues, colors washed out. NO APPLE REPLACEMENT. They will only repair it. I am so much disappointed

  34. Etimfon Bassey

    Etimfon BasseyMonth ago

    Which Apple store did you go to?

  35. Meridias Watchtower

    Meridias WatchtowerMonth ago

    I don't see an issue with the webcam quality considering it makes sense given that the screen is so thin. I bought my wife the new MBA. She just wanted a laptop for working on D&D campaign stuff but the Chromebooks have an EoL of 5 years (and hers was getting slow), on top of the fact that many of the Windows laptops we've used don't last long. She also has an iPhone, so it makes more sense to get another device in the ecosystem. I have the 13" 2019 MBP and it's wonderful. Had a couple issues when it upgraded to Big Sur (which are now seemingly fixed with the latest update), and the battery life leaves a bit to be desired. It heats up more than I would like (not drastically so, but it's not exactly a laptop I would recommend keeping in your lap, so I bought a lapdesk). All in all, this transition seems pretty smooth from all the reviews I've seen. In the future I'll probably trade in this MBP in for one of the future generation M-chip MacBooks.

  36. Denver Morgan

    Denver MorganMonth ago

    They didn’t deliver on the screens for the MacBook Air that’s for sure.

  37. Don. Timeless

    Don. Timeless2 months ago

    All ports from now & on should be usb c thunderbolt & it should have been before! Old ports should be stopped! I only agree with doubling the ports of usb c thunderbolt. This port is so amazing that you can only by plugging external monitor that supports usb c thunderbolt you can plug the mouse, K/B & headset to the external monitor!!

  38. RealLyfeSucks

    RealLyfeSucks2 months ago

    I'd say running iOS apps on MacOS looks more like a developer option rather than a general use option.

  39. Tony Shi

    Tony Shi2 months ago

    I really liked the Touch Bar. I’ll be sad to see it go. Also I will never use a touch screen on a laptop. (Experience from my surface laptop)

  40. sarita laitonjam

    sarita laitonjam2 months ago

    hello lovelies...do check out my m1 macbook unboxing 😘

  41. Golden Mateo

    Golden Mateo2 months ago

    I'm impressed. I'm also thinking to change from my 16gb ram 2tb storage 3.2gz iMac to a Macbook Pro

  42. Teluric 1

    Teluric 12 months ago

    the verge is apple PR. so biased

  43. J

    J2 months ago

    just add the touch screen to a 256 GB Air to shoot prices up to $2500

  44. supermario jake

    supermario jake2 months ago

    How do you like your macbook

  45. Coveinight

    Coveinight2 months ago

    I think you convinced me

  46. Edwin

    Edwin2 months ago

    I plan on going to school in the fall for kinesiology and I need a laptop. Should I get the air or the pro. I will only be using it for school. What do you recommend?

  47. Etimfon Bassey

    Etimfon BasseyMonth ago

    Imo air

  48. Steven OConnor

    Steven OConnor2 months ago

    I think the Touch Bar is really good. I like it better actually.

  49. Inov Afani

    Inov Afani2 months ago

    7:30 how can macbook's keyboard has a RGB??

  50. Chris Reilly

    Chris Reilly2 months ago

    Just want the glowing apple logo back 😩

  51. Dott Winial

    Dott Winial2 months ago

    Is there really no replacement for chrome yet? I remember the day I surprised by chrome but it was really long ago. I thought FireFox would catching chrome at least.

  52. Tyler2

    Tyler22 months ago

    Why do people either love or hate the Touch Bar. I think it’s fine

  53. Frailin Salas

    Frailin Salas2 months ago

    can someone tell me how did he make his keyboard lights a whole different color???

  54. mattizzle Soda

    mattizzle Soda2 months ago

    I think Steve Jobs would be pretty happy with this.

  55. Dzmitry

    Dzmitry2 months ago

    Too enthusiastic review. I do not believe that a piece of plastic can be so admired. Perhaps this is an advertisement.

  56. Etimfon Bassey

    Etimfon BasseyMonth ago

    Aluminum *

  57. Jimothy Cricket

    Jimothy Cricket2 months ago

    Good review but... can we not with the masks please. Covid is exhauating enough, no need for reminders of whats going on with videos that are not related to the virus. It just screams virtue signalling.

  58. Etimfon Bassey

    Etimfon BasseyMonth ago

    If they’re recording with other people in the room or outdoors ofcourse they have to wear a mask...it’s not virtue signaling

  59. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen2 months ago

    The main problem with reduced instruction set chips is the compatibility of applications (programs). Lot of programs (especially for scientific applications) are not compiled or written for it. Showing few applications for the purpose of demonstration for video processing can be quite misleading. You must address the issue in depth otherwise this presentation is the same as others.

  60. Don Corleone

    Don Corleone2 months ago

    How's the Air gonna withstand sustained sound mixing and editing? Any major need to go for the pro?

  61. Matty Bee

    Matty Bee2 months ago

    I don't use the webcam ever and I actually like the Touch Bar... not sure why ppl hate on it so much. I give my MacBook M1 Pro a 10/10 esp coming from my old MacBook 2019 Pro...

  62. Jerry the drug addict

    Jerry the drug addict3 months ago

    Wait why should we trust verge?

  63. TripleSevenTech

    TripleSevenTech3 months ago

    Does Rosetta work on bootcamp?

  64. Matt Voss

    Matt Voss3 months ago

    Interesting review but why were they wearing masks inside by themselves?

  65. Etimfon Bassey

    Etimfon BasseyMonth ago

    They’re not by themselves in those shots notice the moving camera

  66. Cezar Inigo Roxas II

    Cezar Inigo Roxas II3 months ago

    What is that game controller? Where to get it?

  67. Galant Ghost

    Galant Ghost3 months ago

    Hey! I'm trying to decide which of these Macbooks would be best for me, the Air or Pro. I use photoshop to design things like event flyers, cd covers, social media images etc. And also use a software called Movavi to edit videos. Nothing too fancy, mainly trimming, pasting and adding various video clips and audio files together to create videos that are roughly 45 mins to an hour long. Can the Air handle this easy or should I get the pro?

  68. Mortimus Mark VI

    Mortimus Mark VI3 months ago

    I bought the M1 MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 512GB Storage) and have been using it for two weeks. I use Zoom for work and also work with a lot of multi-track music so I thought the better microphone and the heavy lifting of the pro's active cooling would be worth the extra $300. So far, the fan hasn't turned on once. Lightning quick. Incredible battery life. I've been able to use it for up to 12-14 hours of heavy work before the reserve battery kicks in. Unexpectedly, I am in LOVE with the Touch Bar and it's functionality. I've set my favourites to pop up on the Touch Bar when opening a new webpage and it's surprisingly a lot quicker than the conventional "click & type" (Fun fact: if/when you get ads from videos you can use the Touch Bar to skip ahead instead of waiting the 5+ seconds). As for the two ports, so far I haven't needed more than the two. I bought a USB-C adapter for when I need more connections but so far it hasn't been necessary. 10/10 review, and a small part of me also wonders if the MacBook Air would have done just as good of a job, but I'm extremely happy with my new laptop!

  69. Jack

    Jack3 months ago

    Waiting for next gen MBP with better webcams. Sorry that’s a deal breaker for me.

  70. pepe

    pepe3 months ago

    My M1 comes tomorrow!!! I’m so exited

  71. Zacarino 18

    Zacarino 183 months ago

    Why don't they like the touch bar? I think it looks cool. It looks convenient also.

  72. Dion Johnson

    Dion Johnson3 months ago

    Referring to the webcam "It's unacceptable when we're all working from home" seems like a bad statement. It wasn't predictable that we'd all be working from home at this point and Apple would have commenced manufacturing way before the lockdown. Should have said "its unacceptable, and it's especially unfortunate since we're all working from home." That way it doesn't sound like your implying Apple should have known about the sudden mass prevalence of working from home.

  73. Kid flash 2001

    Kid flash 20013 months ago

    Nice video idea

  74. Lionel Loi

    Lionel Loi3 months ago

    Hi, may I know what is the software you use to bypass when you are using Adobe photoshop to make the current version works on the new m1 chips processor?

  75. smail madani

    smail madani3 months ago

    when this M1 fails cause they all do how will you reset the nvram, or smc, it's all gone with previous Intel based Macs, now with Rosetta all seems working as far as performance goes, but when something goes wrong, where is that say about Macs are built to fix themselves by themselves, and I'm not even talking about migrating from a previous Mac let alone bootcamping, Apple configurator 2 seems to be not so efficient in some situations, go and have look at Mr Macintosh and don' to fall for this.

  76. Devang Tak

    Devang Tak3 months ago

    who else see that RGB keyboard is this just reflection of screen or is that real in M1 have RGB keyboard

  77. Jonathan Conwell

    Jonathan Conwell3 months ago

    I'm old school and don't think a laptop should have a touch screen. You want a touch screen? buy a tablet....

  78. Mr. Keen

    Mr. Keen3 months ago

    Mask fetishists

  79. Tony Gabson

    Tony Gabson3 months ago

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    Tony Gabson3 months ago

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    Tony Gabson3 months ago

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  82. Tony Gabson

    Tony Gabson3 months ago

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  83. Tony Gabson

    Tony Gabson3 months ago

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  84. easyadventurer

    easyadventurer3 months ago

    I may part with some hard-earned the day Apple puts a touch screen on a 16” laptop Until then, it’s pretty safely in my bank. Looking like it’s heading the right way though

  85. Maharshi Mehta

    Maharshi Mehta3 months ago

    Patel Saheb Jindabaad

  86. Marvelous

    Marvelous3 months ago

    I bought a 2060 SUPER a week before the 30 series was announced. So glad I didn't buy an older mac. Totally gonna get this

  87. Jackie Tan

    Jackie Tan3 months ago

    Looking forward for M1 iMac compare with AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

  88. Trevor Smith

    Trevor Smith3 months ago

    Unfortunately the Bluetooth is hopeless on mine. I'm on the second machine and it sill has connection issues. Spent hours on the phone to Apple but no success. This ones getting returned too. Buyer beware.

  89. Alejandro Ramirez

    Alejandro Ramirez3 months ago

    These two dudes are virgins.i know it

  90. Junior

    JuniorMonth ago

    😂😂😂😂 Most of these cornballs are ...

  91. Ben B

    Ben B3 months ago

    It's lockdown, I've never not needed a laptop. I'll go for the mac mini.

  92. Kian Busacay

    Kian Busacay3 months ago

    Does it come with anti-static WWJD bracelet?

  93. Jelo Roc

    Jelo Roc3 months ago

    Am I the only one that finds the Touch Bar useful? I mean, not life/game changing useful, but still useful...

  94. D L

    D L3 months ago

    This is helpful in decision making thanks!

  95. Meet Choudhary

    Meet Choudhary3 months ago

    Update:Chrome Microsoft suite has been updated as well

  96. Ben Schönhardt

    Ben Schönhardt3 months ago

    I like the Touch Bar, altho Im just a regular consumer, I like the Touch Bar more than the function Keys

  97. A Kearse

    A Kearse3 months ago

    Just ordered mine two days ago damn near gotta wait a month for delivery but damn I can’t wait lol hope it’s worth it

  98. Vishnu Prasanthan

    Vishnu Prasanthan3 months ago

    If i used intel based ms office for long time like 4 hours will the battery drain fast ?

  99. Greg Tommy

    Greg Tommy3 months ago

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  100. Utopia Light

    Utopia Light3 months ago

    if they add touch screen then they may kill their ipads.

  101. Jeremy Bridgenath

    Jeremy Bridgenath3 months ago

    Was seriously considering it until that webcam.......Will wait a while to see if they address that issue

  102. Aliana Wood

    Aliana Wood3 months ago

    12:11 What is this game he is playing?

  103. Aliana Wood

    Aliana Wood3 months ago

    So, would I be able to play games like Sims 4 on the new Macbook Air or Pro on Medium Settings?

  104. alan de souza

    alan de souza3 months ago

    No mater how many reviews are uploaded before you guys, I still have to wait to see what the Verge has to say about it. You say it the way it is👍🏼

  105. C

    C3 months ago

    Love the wearing of the mask when the guy is totally alone in the room and sitting on the bench OUTSIDE with no one around him.

  106. Hilal Younus

    Hilal Younus3 months ago

    Cameraman : *why are we here, just to suffer*

  107. Андрей Плотников

    Андрей Плотников3 months ago


  108. Shivram Poswal

    Shivram Poswal3 months ago


  109. Kaden Rivera

    Kaden Rivera3 months ago

    If they made the macs touch screen the would lose sales on the ipad. Tbh I don't like touch screen computers as they are very sensitive.

  110. Gus Leffers

    Gus Leffers3 months ago

    Does anyone know which font they used for the thumbnail? MKBHD uses it for captions as well, I would love it if anyone knew. Thanks in advance!

  111. ethan 33

    ethan 333 months ago

    Why is the COVID baby wearing a mask in the B-Roll

  112. AmosArt

    AmosArt3 months ago

    I need this MBP..

  113. Geet Sharma

    Geet Sharma3 months ago

    Was the guy on a bike in the park scene planted or natural? Beautiful anyways