The global chip shortage, explained

The ongoing global chip shortage means that it could be tougher to buy everything from a PS5 to a Ford truck for the next few months. But fixing the problem might need bigger changes to both how we manufacture processors and the supply chain at large.
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  1. The Verge

    The Verge8 days ago

    What tech are you hoping to buy soon that's currently suffering from supply issues because of the chip shortage?

  2. SIG

    SIG4 days ago

    Thanks trump😐

  3. Philip Mensah

    Philip Mensah5 days ago

    RTX 3060 😭

  4. Tom Ewald

    Tom Ewald6 days ago

    Neo (chess computer that moves the pieces) from Square Off.

  5. Magnum opus

    Magnum opus6 days ago

    Xbox series x 🙃

  6. Baked Blake

    Baked Blake8 days ago


  7. Aadithya krishnan

    Aadithya krishnanHour ago

    China is responsible for the Wuhan virus pandemic

  8. DrewTube316

    DrewTube31615 hours ago

    PS6 won't be out until like 2028 the earliest.

  9. Tech & Komsan

    Tech & Komsan20 hours ago

    Good explained

  10. Alexander

    AlexanderDay ago

    Moral of the story don't use the same dam chip for everything.😆😅🤣

  11. Robert J

    Robert J2 days ago

    1:17 Google translate "techically true" to English -> "a lie"

  12. motivate me

    motivate me2 days ago

    We could manufacture chips on the mars😂

  13. Steve Chong

    Steve Chong2 days ago

    TSMC is too busy and China mainland's tech companies have been placing huge amount of orders to fill up their warehouse in case there's supply ban by the US.

  14. Clenchingbear

    Clenchingbear2 days ago

    Now that hexa core cpu really is super exclusive

  15. Akki Bajaj

    Akki Bajaj2 days ago

    Thanks a lot Trump 🥱

  16. Aditya Erath

    Aditya Erath2 days ago

    linus nice

  17. Richie Richer

    Richie Richer3 days ago

    We also need to reuse old hardware with new software. That 10y old router you have laying around is still capable of most demands, just flash it with new firmware. The same is true for old laptops if your willing to switch from Windows to Linux

  18. Time Traveller 2100

    Time Traveller 21003 days ago

    Many countries like Japan will defend Taiwan because one of the reason is to preserve technological interest and economic trades.

  19. Galvin Stanley

    Galvin Stanley3 days ago

    There's plenty of room in Texas for a new factory.

  20. Sebastian Munoz

    Sebastian Munoz3 days ago

    I work for a phone store and we didn't have phones for almost two week💀 due to this. Thankfully we got some in but still its not looking good.

  21. NoCovid

    NoCovid3 days ago

    The Verge 🤮

  22. Days Of Ethan

    Days Of EthanDay ago

    @NoCovid I’m 16 years old bruv

  23. Days Of Ethan

    Days Of EthanDay ago

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  24. NoCovid

    NoCovidDay ago

    @Days Of Ethan Kid, please.

  25. Days Of Ethan

    Days Of EthanDay ago

    Shut up

  26. Nathaniel Singleton

    Nathaniel Singleton3 days ago


  27. Nathaniel Singleton

    Nathaniel Singleton3 days ago

    First a ammo shortage, then a chip shortage and maybe a food shortage on the way.

  28. 天安门大屠杀1989

    天安门大屠杀19893 days ago

    Learn to pronounce huawei correctly you white imperialist

  29. Jay Sz

    Jay Sz3 days ago

    This is a Bolshevik channel

  30. Spiritual Cat Lover

    Spiritual Cat Lover3 days ago


  31. Matthew Ng

    Matthew Ng3 days ago

    Another Trump “victory”

  32. Matthew Ng

    Matthew Ng3 days ago

    Don’t worry guys, China will be self sufficient in a few years and this won’t ever be a problem again

  33. BankaiKiller

    BankaiKiller4 days ago

    Reduce your dependence on China, all of this will help global production lines...

  34. Ninja Nerd Student #69

    Ninja Nerd Student #694 days ago

    It’s good news for anyone who bought tech products last year because they will have the latest for an extra year.

  35. Danny P

    Danny P4 days ago

    I just bought a bag of chips, what's the issue?

  36. Lewis that’s football

    Lewis that’s football4 days ago


  37. Speak out and remove all doubt!

    Speak out and remove all doubt!5 days ago

    Intel's $20 billion is not close to enough if the US wasn't to be semiconductor independent. The US government needs to step on and spend at least 10-20x this and quickly. (Which is still only something like a quarter of the defence budget EACH YEAR, so easily doable) America could invoke some more Patriot Acts to force America companies to exclusively make chips in America or ban them like Huawei! It would pay for itself pretty quickly that way, bring the much needed increase in chip production capacity the world needs but more importantly it would give the US the independence they so desperately want in these potentially uncertain times.

  38. Lizard Man

    Lizard Man5 days ago

    Just buy it from a scalper lol

  39. RajaShekhar Ramineni

    RajaShekhar Ramineni5 days ago

    That's a nice leather jacket

  40. Mubeen Jahangir

    Mubeen Jahangir5 days ago

    I'm so mad right now. I just want kidnap and beat up those people who destroyed PS5 just for clout, and upload the video of them begging mercy.

  41. Just Facts

    Just Facts5 days ago

    🇺🇲 TRUMP chip shortage, Trump DEFICIT, Trump wall, Trump concentration camps, Trump's Jan 6 TERRIOST attacks! Now it's Biden problem... Which Biden is making worse.

  42. P S

    P S5 days ago

    A great time to have stockpiled some PS5’s.💸

  43. Nelson Cartier Gaming

    Nelson Cartier Gaming5 days ago

    Your house look haunted 😳

  44. Talos Project

    Talos Project5 days ago

    "Lingering effects from Trumps trade war with China". We know this isn't true. .PS5 was MOST widely available when Trump was President. Those pesky facts again

  45. Adithya Seetharaman

    Adithya Seetharaman6 days ago

    No explanation. This is not a quality video.

  46. M_ore Fake_News

    M_ore Fake_News6 days ago


  47. M_ore Fake_News

    M_ore Fake_News6 days ago


  48. Paul Ho

    Paul Ho6 days ago

    Is that a Schott?

  49. Mihad Alzayat

    Mihad Alzayat6 days ago

    At this point I’m waiting for the PlayStation 6

  50. Water Bug

    Water Bug6 days ago

    Wish I had a dial to turn down the halting speech.

  51. Magykman

    Magykman6 days ago

    The graphics and production on this is top notch! Love the isometric style

  52. Moneka Woods

    Moneka Woods6 days ago

    They're saving them for the Mark of the Beast.

  53. Armin Hadzic

    Armin Hadzic6 days ago

    You are aware that Trump is no longer a president?

  54. Abdulrahman Alammar

    Abdulrahman Alammar6 days ago

    Not trying to take sides or anything but It's not a trump administration problem. Biden overrules most of Trump's previous orders with the exception of all the china related sanctions and tariffs. It's a US strategy not the doing of one administration

  55. Capt. Price

    Capt. Price6 days ago

    How did you manage to bring trump into this

  56. User1010

    User10106 days ago

    How about recycling older chips? Why no company does a campaign to buy for a chep price ones old tech devices?

  57. User1010

    User10106 days ago

    This chip shortage is so stupid. Capitalism has past its tolerable limit. And for a long time now.

  58. User1010

    User10106 days ago

    That's what happens when no country in the world does a birth control policy. In 50 years the planet gonna be so crowded, we won't have even basic supplies.

  59. Jezza Lenko

    Jezza Lenko6 days ago

    Need to get over blockchains...

  60. Vardhan Shrivastava

    Vardhan Shrivastava6 days ago

    Do ya'll have the hexacore?

  61. Lawrence Whiteside

    Lawrence Whiteside6 days ago

    How did TSMC endrun around the world? Outsourcing is good for business. Those CEOs should be removed.

  62. P R

    P R6 days ago

    I own both the digital and disc versions of the ps5 and Xbox. I’m good.

  63. Natsuki

    Natsuki6 days ago

    Uyghur killing? we don't care Hong Kong killing? we don't care Myanmar killing? we don't care Us should just reveal their technology and let china mass-produce the chips! It's US responsibility to help china and it is US devilish political intension that stop china from producing chips! Chips production has nothing to do with outdated knowledge just US scheme! We only care about chips!

  64. Natsuki

    Natsuki6 days ago

    Taiwan where are you when we need you...

  65. JK T

    JK T7 days ago

    Chips have to wait for years to come.

  66. M N

    M N7 days ago

    Lucky enough grab my ps5 on feb second restock from Amazon.

  67. Le Revenant

    Le Revenant7 days ago

    I don't know whether I should feel lucky to have a PS5 or to feel bad because I play all day and have no life lol

  68. Lowgone

    LowgoneDay ago

    Sounds like your living your best life to me 🤷 I wish I could do that

  69. Paku Zero

    Paku Zero2 days ago

    Both hopefully, cuz then you can create a healthy schedule, but the easiest way to do more fulfiling stuff is to cut ties with your addiction (I only used this word since you seem unhappy with your amount of use of your device) thats holding you back

  70. Sir Loin

    Sir Loin7 days ago

    Took me till March 9th to secure an order from GameStop and only reason I got it was because it was a bundle and was over $700 almost 800 with tax. If you priced it out I only paid $3-4 dollars over if I had bought everything separate. But I didn’t want the spider man or COD game or the $20 dollar GameStop gift card. But it was the only way I could secure one, I kinda lazily tried before the but that week I ramped up my efforts. Haha I have maybe played for total of 5-8 hours since then total. I’m 40 and have 2 small kids and not a lot of time.

  71. Sana Shy

    Sana Shy7 days ago

    Protect taiwan at all cost!

  72. Awhoo Thunder

    Awhoo Thunder7 days ago

    I just need entry level GPU...😒 I don't have much time.😞

  73. Rose Marry Church

    Rose Marry Church7 days ago

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  74. nnn nnn

    nnn nnn7 days ago

    No, Apple make own processors. They licencing architecture, not chips.

  75. Andreas Steinhart

    Andreas Steinhart7 days ago

    M1 isn’t an ARM license.

  76. Paine010

    Paine0107 days ago

    I kind of feel sorry for everyone that has bought the PS5. The reason why is, I strongly believe that this shortage will not be lifted until about 2023 and then it will take about 2 to 3 years after that until enough people have the system to make it justifiable for the developers to make games exclusively for the PS5. The problem is by that time, it will be time for Sony to start winding down the PS5 and promoting the PS6. So, at this point Sony has two options. They can either not promote the PS6 and still push for the PS5, which then will cannibalize the PS6 when it comes out and then will make the people who jump to the PS6 really late in the product lifecycle, which then will just rippled to all subsequent generations, or they can just stop promoting the PS5 and just accept the PS5 as a failure and push the PS6, which will then stop the ripple and keep it confined to the PS5. I don’t see them being able to do both because it would be contradictory and just be confusing to the customers. So, I think the most business sense would be to do the latter. If you think about it Sony has already started to do this. They have had meetings about this and that is why you see all the AAA games being push back as far as they can push them. So, I think they are going to try and keep most of the good games held back as far as possible and make them for the PS6 and make the library of games for the PS5 scarce. It seems like the AAA games that are being released first are the ones that had the least interest in them. So, again, I kind of feel bad for whoever bought the PS5 as I strongly believe it is going to be the least supported generation of console.

  77. derek groutage

    derek groutage7 days ago

    Id sell my ps5 not much of an upgrade from the ps4 tbf

  78. PsyMongazoid

    PsyMongazoid7 days ago


  79. Kottonstream

    Kottonstream7 days ago

    Bet they make another one with a more abundant chip lmao

  80. davidwave4

    davidwave47 days ago

    So, the issue is the same issue all across tech: consolidation and monopoly. Great!

  81. Brendon O'Connell II

    Brendon O'Connell II7 days ago

    Ask Intel Israel why they backdoored and destroyed the 10nm process?

  82. Jonathan.HDK.O'Toole

    Jonathan.HDK.O'Toole7 days ago

    When was this video made???

  83. omar ali h

    omar ali h7 days ago

    As ps6 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  84. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

    Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang8 days ago

    Playstation 5 is the Best Console in the World Yay!!! 😍😍😍

  85. matteo ceccotti

    matteo ceccotti8 days ago

    Chaim, your delivery and tone gets better and better every video. The improvements from your first Verge video to now are really noticeable, great stuff! Also, Alix I love those frame within frames you did starting at 0:31 and especially the last one with the PS controller in the foreground while the host says "next gen consoles". I thought those were really really sweet.

  86. Neiru

    Neiru8 days ago

    ok confirmed 2025 is where my PS5 coming home T_T

  87. Siddhant Das

    Siddhant Das8 days ago

    He forgot to mention water. Time and water are the 2 main shortages.

  88. Gibran Bedra

    Gibran Bedra8 days ago

    Lol..."American components, Russian components... ALL MADE IN TAIWAN"- Russian cosmonaut from the movie Armageddon.

  89. Batman's Wholesale Acrylic Paints

    Batman's Wholesale Acrylic Paints8 days ago

    Chaim that is a hot af brown jacket

  90. Speed2550

    Speed25508 days ago

    Who else is watching this but has a ps5

  91. TheTrueHappy

    TheTrueHappy8 days ago

    Not one mention of bots and scalpers...

  92. Patriot Catalyst

    Patriot Catalyst8 days ago

    This has nothing to do with the trade war and everything to do with the democratic plandemic.

  93. Dayron Leon

    Dayron Leon8 days ago

    None of this will matter when we’re breathing fire and can’t grow crops in a methane polluted environment. Cheers!

  94. Paku Zero

    Paku Zero2 days ago

    Thats just not gonna happen tbh, it might get kind of bad, but at some point it will become more profitable for companies to look for green solutions, but only once that happens will we get real change

  95. Cyber Coltz

    Cyber Coltz5 days ago

    Just ten more years and we will at least get one technological breakthrough or we are genuinely f**ked soon.

  96. Akash Sharma

    Akash Sharma8 days ago

    This is a heavily US focused video , it doesn't explain why shortage is worldwide.

  97. Akash Sharma

    Akash Sharma7 days ago

    @Nic Foster trump's war with china doesn't concern rest of the world

  98. Nic Foster

    Nic Foster7 days ago

    TSMC makes the chips for much of the world, and the devices used throughout the world aren’t much different than the ones in the US. If we’re sharing mostly the same devices, then we’re all pulling from the same pool of chips, so if there’s a chip shortage in the US, there will probably be one everywhere else too. This is why one of the people in the video brought up that Intel is increasing domestic supply, so we don’t have a single bottleneck like TSMC making chips for everyone and not being able to keep up with demand.

  99. Malachi Emerson

    Malachi Emerson8 days ago

    Playstation 6???

  100. swng

    swng8 days ago

    I don't understand the editing choice that is playing your video on a laptop/phone screen and recording that like at 0:32 and 0:34 and 0:37 It just makes the actual content smaller for no reason.

  101. David Paris

    David Paris8 days ago

    It's showing the devices that are currently in short supply because of the semiconductor shortage

  102. swng

    swng8 days ago

    2 weeks after LTT covered this topic

  103. Ryan Hill

    Ryan Hill8 days ago


  104. Mariachee Bandidos

    Mariachee Bandidos8 days ago

    1:15, so when apple says it was making it's own phones, ... btw, apple doesn't license chip design from arm.

  105. ozzyg82

    ozzyg828 days ago

    Don’t lie, man. I see loads of PS5 on eBay still - that means they’re out there being made - it’s just Scalpers are still terrorising gamers.

  106. Moneka Woods

    Moneka Woods6 days ago

    They're hiding them all for the Mark of the Beast. But don't worry. They'll resume once everyone is chipped.

  107. Ex Tra

    Ex Tra8 days ago

    No ones saying they aren’t being made, limited supply is why scalpers can do what they’re doin. Plus the ones you see on eBay are the olds already sold to the scalper and not yet resold, doesn’t mean there’s a steady supply

  108. TheUnorthodoxx

    TheUnorthodoxx8 days ago

    That "Trade War" was to fuel domestic production/development of Tech and not to rely on other countries... growing pains I guess?

  109. Kush Kamble

    Kush Kamble8 days ago

    video should be titled " the chip shortage explained"

  110. Elijah Begley

    Elijah Begley8 days ago

    Guess what if you cop a PS5 in 2021 you are an actual super hero or a bot, either way it's a W

  111. Zoli

    Zoli8 days ago

    I suggest you wait a few years before you buy this console! It's extremely young and you won't be missing out on too much! Also, don't listen to spoilt rich kids or idiots who are trying to convince you that you have to buy it ASAP or else you will be missing out!

  112. Zander

    Zander8 days ago

    You do realize the trade embargo was against china, not taiwan, right? TSMC was relatively safe from it as the majority of its factories are outside china.

  113. Neil

    Neil7 days ago

    You are not so bright huh 🙄, Raw, construction materials, importantly the almost entire component Silicon, rare earth materials that goes into manufacturing a chip comes from china because china supplies 90% of the the Rare earth materials & 70 % raw materials to the world. So if you put trade embargo china, you will also get hit. Duh......😅

  114. BKLYN Gamer 77

    BKLYN Gamer 778 days ago

    With the PS5 and Series X being in short supply because of this chip issue, it's also hard to find previous console gen consoles like Xbox One and Ps4 or PS4 Pro. Crazy. Everyone became a gamer since the pandemic, literally almost everyone.

  115. Simz Zxy

    Simz Zxy8 days ago

    except me

  116. VenusOn Fire

    VenusOn Fire8 days ago

    I've pre-ordered my ps5, will get it in june-july.

  117. N boyer

    N boyer6 days ago


  118. Roy Hoy!

    Roy Hoy!8 days ago


  119. awais ahmed

    awais ahmed8 days ago

    Trump's fault

  120. avicohen2k

    avicohen2k8 days ago

    Nothing new on the shortage at least Haim had a nice makeover, lol,

  121. Cyber Coltz

    Cyber Coltz5 days ago

    There is no news

  122. SIAM 3963

    SIAM 39638 days ago

    PS5: *Running out of stock* Retailers: Let's do what's called a pro gamer's move Raises the price from $499 to $799

  123. mahesh s

    mahesh s8 days ago

    It makes sense though. Price is basically a ratio of Demand & Supply. So if the Demand for a PS5 is constant but the Supply is lower(running out of stock), the ratio will increase leading to an increase in price.

  124. wanderer 666

    wanderer 6668 days ago

    Got my ps5 release day from Amazon and Xbox series x on release day , I must have been so lucky.

  125. Deven Bhatt

    Deven Bhatt8 days ago

    3:04 ford truck..Lol😁