The challenges Chinese gadget creators face

Chinese gadget makers want to break into the US market, but to do so, they have to overcome unique challenges. US consumers worry about these companies’ privacy and data practices, and the creators face years of stigma against Chinese products.
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  1. codeagent47

    codeagent4722 days ago

    The U.S. trade war with Japan in the 1980s, that also ruined many Japanese tech companies.

  2. Gold Formation

    Gold FormationMonth ago


  3. Bonés Top

    Bonés Top2 months ago

    Cool Gadgets

  4. Rodrigo Leal

    Rodrigo Leal3 months ago

    For me The Verge shines with those kind of videos. It makes us reflect and see perspectives that we wouldnt even imagine before watching. Great content!

  5. Honoch Kurian

    Honoch Kurian3 months ago

    Cool coat 👍😁

  6. Antonio Ruberto

    Antonio Ruberto3 months ago

    What a painfully biased video. Let’s also not forget the boatload of human rights violations China commits. Of course we don’t want their companies.

  7. Nirmal

    Nirmal4 months ago

    Though I feel the pain of these entrepreneurs, this video does feel like a whitewashing campaign funded by CCP. very disappointing Verge !!

  8. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee4 months ago

    Lowlife trump and modi bots

  9. nba5509

    nba55094 months ago

    really? The significant barriers are language and cultural? You could not think of any other very significant barrier like the fact China is a de facto dictatorship that collect peoples data and the fact that ridiculous winnie the pooh xi xing ping is offented by everything?

  10. Vikingdescendent

    Vikingdescendent4 months ago

    6:45 mark...she looked really uncomfortable saying that. Is there a way to opt out of your private info being shared?

  11. scottyjoeful

    scottyjoeful4 months ago

    Amazing reporting

  12. Yi Rung

    Yi Rung4 months ago

    Guy said that Dji did not pretend to be like a western company. That is just straight up not true. Just watch the ads from dji you’ll get the idea.

  13. Thiện Phạm

    Thiện Phạm4 months ago

    Tbh no one really likes those stuff from China because of the products' quality.

  14. Derrick Brewer

    Derrick Brewer4 months ago

    My god these comments. The xenophobia is real...

  15. 1 2

    1 24 months ago

    these people should be wearing masks...

  16. mohsin.abbas .shah

    mohsin.abbas .shah4 months ago

    Nice oneplus 8t👍👍👍🇵🇰

  17. tikiballin

    tikiballin4 months ago

    American companies aren't even transparent about how they use our data

  18. Raghuveer Solanki

    Raghuveer Solanki4 months ago

    US media is in crisis... works like prostit**es of China.

  19. Paul M

    Paul M4 months ago

    So... When China bans the USA from selling in their market, it's okay, but when we ban China from selling here, we're in the wrong? Double Standards much? How about China quits being a terrible country, then we can start accepting some of their companies. This was an incredibly biased video by the verge. You won't be getting anymore views from me. Good luck with your anti-American and Pro-China agenda, but I won't be supporting it.

  20. Shan

    Shan4 months ago

    Nice to see CCP sponsoring VERGE😂

  21. Cooliotopnotch

    Cooliotopnotch4 months ago

    Winnie the Pooh

  22. amrish sharma

    amrish sharma4 months ago

    Stop making inferior products and people will embrace them.

  23. Bo Rerun

    Bo Rerun4 months ago

    Is everybody happy now ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

  24. Пётр Калистратов

    Пётр Калистратов4 months ago

    Banning tiktok is fair as Chyna bans google but banning huawei is unfair they innovate so much Also don't buy 8T op becoming lazy

  25. Uncle Brian

    Uncle Brian4 months ago

    Terrible video. China has long banned US companies, so why is it a problem if US banned theirs? Double standard much?

  26. Mohamed eldosoki

    Mohamed eldosokiMonth ago

    Well said 🤝

  27. SaNkEt KuMaR

    SaNkEt KuMaR3 months ago

    Chinies always follow stick and talk freindship

  28. Vinod Kethavath

    Vinod Kethavath4 months ago

    China is nothing but a copy...

  29. Jesse Barre

    Jesse Barre4 months ago

    How much did the CCP pay you useful idiots to make this video?

  30. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ5 months ago

    WOW i think the verge subbotted 3m subs with only 75k views in 4 days with onl 400 commen ts

  31. André Cruz

    André Cruz5 months ago

    Interesting view, next please do a video on the challenges of US tech companies in China

  32. J H

    J H5 months ago

    2:45 dam thats a long neck

  33. jevin li

    jevin li5 months ago

    While the story is trashed by dishonesty, I see you’r trying.

  34. V P

    V P4 months ago

    The Verge covers all those issues about China’s problems all the time, go check out the website. They’ve written about human rights violations in China, corrupt businesses buying American companies and ruining the working environment, crappy products that make the reviewers bleed, Foxconn’s big Wisconsin scam.... etc.

  35. BCR. ayush

    BCR. ayush5 months ago

    Biased 100%. Why Verge?

  36. Asif Hassan

    Asif Hassan5 months ago


  37. NHAF

    NHAF5 months ago

    Don't forget to screw with confidence

  38. krypto1804

    krypto18045 months ago

    Innovation? my foot!!!

  39. 蔣冰俊

    蔣冰俊5 months ago

    That is a BEAUTIFUL (and spotless) kitchen!

  40. Michaël Bonnet

    Michaël Bonnet5 months ago

    Very good video 👍🏼

  41. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman5 months ago

    99% of gadgets are made in China. So you really don't to say it is.

  42. Kevin Penfold

    Kevin Penfold5 months ago

    You know what I didn’t want when I clicked on this video??? 4 genesis ads.

  43. Kevin Penfold

    Kevin Penfold5 months ago

    Sorry. 5 genesis commercials.

  44. Akhil Prasannan

    Akhil Prasannan5 months ago

    "Communist Bandit"

  45. frank zamora

    frank zamora5 months ago

    I like this segment e

  46. ENIGMA ಎನಿಗ್ಮಾ

    ENIGMA ಎನಿಗ್ಮಾ5 months ago

    China is good in making only clone products 😂😅

  47. Informer 001

    Informer 0015 months ago

    AMY FARAH FOWLER? You are reviewing gadgets now?? AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE

  48. Karma Police

    Karma Police5 months ago


  49. Kalpak Shah

    Kalpak Shah5 months ago

    WOW Verge..!! True tech video.. Love it.. Kudos to team.. :)

  50. Shreyash Motipawale

    Shreyash Motipawale5 months ago

    This is very Good News. 😌😀

  51. Edward Jiang

    Edward Jiang5 months ago

    Who else is seeing the genesis ad 10 billion times just in this less than 15 min video?

  52. thumbtak

    thumbtak5 months ago

    A big issue is, with the government not allowing them to grow an online market with sites that the rest of the world uses. China will not grow unless they can successfully connect with the rest of the world and remove some of the ideas that are forced upon them from the government. Racism being a big one in China. I am not saying all are, but it is a big issue in China.

  53. Tom Tsui

    Tom Tsui5 months ago

    That lady's neck is very long.

  54. paidninja

    paidninja5 months ago

    We don't like communism that's it

  55. codeagent47

    codeagent4719 days ago

    @paidninja China does have big state industries that play a big role in the country. To say it is a state capitalism really it isn’t wrong. In addition, there are private businesses and non-government industries that most may not be subsidized or being supported by the government. For example in the US most big corporate entities have been subsidized by the federal government. For example, bailing out and following federal regulations from the major industries or corporate entities such as GM, Walmart, farming industries, JB Morgan chase, Comerica incorporated, American Express, and etc. Which is the large practice of economic regulation, that fell off the definition of free market capitalism.

  56. paidninja

    paidninja19 days ago

    @codeagent47 you gotta check the definition of capitalism. Alibaba group and ant financial ipo is the best example

  57. codeagent47

    codeagent4719 days ago

    @paidninja China is state capitalism.

  58. paidninja

    paidninja19 days ago

    @codeagent47 then what do you reckon they are? Democracy?

  59. codeagent47

    codeagent4722 days ago

    is China really communism though?

  60. chandrang makwana

    chandrang makwana5 months ago

    This is Damage Control by the sponsors.!!! Everyone knows whats up.

  61. Lechiffresix six

    Lechiffresix six5 months ago

    your name sounds like a Zulu name a lot.

  62. Mike Childers

    Mike Childers5 months ago

    When china opens it's markets to other countries without repercussions they will be treated fairly. It's really simple. As far as the verge I have lost all respect for them catering to the communist

  63. J G

    J G5 months ago

    This video is biased

  64. ozayevable

    ozayevable5 months ago

    Seriously? If I didn't know better, id think you are being compensated for this video. Oh wait I do know bettrr

  65. Franco Solis

    Franco Solis5 months ago

    This video is appropriate now that we chose China as our president

  66. arbaaz sayed

    arbaaz sayed5 months ago

    Yesss🙌 Its back....

  67. Jaysheel Elamgodil

    Jaysheel Elamgodil5 months ago

    Oh look at them playing the victim card now.

  68. David OSantana

    David OSantana5 months ago

    Free Hong Kong 🇭🇰 !

  69. Raj Th

    Raj Th5 months ago

    This is just a one sided video. Right now china is greatest threat to freedom

  70. Victor Kash

    Victor Kash5 months ago

    Love all the lens frames Ashley sports

  71. Lechiffresix six

    Lechiffresix six5 months ago

    Pras, the small details you pay attention to lol!

  72. PTT Cliff

    PTT Cliff5 months ago

    CCP:- Well done verge , your payment on your way

  73. DAN C

    DAN C5 months ago

    Japan and Korean companies dont face these challenges, so guess why China does? What did China do to US companies when they tried to enter China market?

  74. Hello from the other Side

    Hello from the other Side5 months ago

    As a reminder Google/Facebook/Twitter are all blocked in China prior to US blocking tictok.

  75. Gaurav Anekar

    Gaurav Anekar4 months ago


  76. Phil G

    Phil G5 months ago

    This story lies by omission. TikTok was found to be bundling user data inside an extra layer of encryption, including device MAC addresses. That violated Google policy set in 2015, and TikTok knew it, but did this anyway. But Jerry Yang here is whining about unfairness. It's not merely stigma if your company is actually doing things behind users backs.

  77. Hilal Younus

    Hilal Younus5 months ago

    If you ever feel useless , Then remind yourself that there’s a security chief at Facebook

  78. L

    L5 months ago

    LOL you made feel more important than someone for the first time

  79. Alex Buga

    Alex Buga5 months ago

    This is just stupid. I can’t believe we still have this crappy problem of racism in almost 2021.

  80. black cat

    black cat5 months ago

    presented by genesis uhh

  81. Samir Mishra

    Samir Mishra5 months ago

    Not only American companies, but China also bans Japanese and Korean software products and services. Kakao Talk, Line are both banned in China. So yeah Karma !

  82. codeagent47

    codeagent4722 days ago

    Technically, India also has the biggest trade protectionism in the world.

  83. Giorgio Sacchetti

    Giorgio Sacchetti4 months ago

    Thank you for saying it like it is

  84. Lechiffresix six

    Lechiffresix six5 months ago

    Sameer , more karma is needed here

  85. huajie666 liu

    huajie666 liu5 months ago

    In the future, China still makes copied products. But, more great products are coming it of China too. I mean, never say never, right? Japan used to copy too. Now, they do pretty good at hardwares. Everything chanes. Stereotypes comes and goes.


    TRD TREKKER4 months ago

    That’s what I thought. You know it!

  87. huajie666 liu

    huajie666 liu4 months ago

    @TRD TREKKER what do you think?


    TRD TREKKER4 months ago

    Are you justifying?

  89. Sudip Chatterjee

    Sudip Chatterjee5 months ago

    Excellent video! Bravo!

  90. James Burke

    James Burke5 months ago

    The problem is there needs to be a worldwide standard of electronics. or 5 laws that cannot be broken

  91. Aniket Ghosh Everything

    Aniket Ghosh Everything5 months ago

    Screw china 🖕🏻

  92. Yuan Li

    Yuan Li5 months ago

    narrow-minded and arrogant Americans know nothing about the world, so funny

  93. Sebastian Hoo

    Sebastian Hoo5 months ago

    I don’t see how this is in anyway biased

  94. Himangshu Kalita

    Himangshu Kalita5 months ago

    This was so biased

  95. Tye Roberts

    Tye Roberts5 months ago

    This take was completely tone deaf and biased. Shut up, Verge.

  96. Musk Reality

    Musk Reality5 months ago

    You gotta keep a low profile so you can ditch in a moment notice.

  97. John L

    John L5 months ago

    Great report Ashley. Oh, and nice top :).

  98. Nidhin Raj

    Nidhin Raj5 months ago

    Well, do a piece on how China restricts foreign companies, and quit normalising the firewall.

  99. V P

    V P4 months ago

    ​@krypto1804 They already did some videos on that. This is a different story so it wouldn’t be ten hours long. The Verge covers all those issues all the time, go check out the website. They’ve written about human rights violations in China, corrupt businesses buying American companies and ruining the working environment, crappy products that make the reviewers bleed, Foxconn’s big Wisconsin scam.... etc.

  100. krypto1804

    krypto18045 months ago

    They don't get paid for that kind of stories 🥴

  101. j r

    j r5 months ago

    Yea no thanks

  102. Yumian Deng

    Yumian Deng5 months ago

    There are many copycats companies in China, but there are also many innovative companies as well.

  103. Slicedatdice

    Slicedatdice5 months ago

    Wow, Zoom partnered with Facebook's former security chief. We all know how secure Facebook is.

  104. sunny kumar

    sunny kumar4 months ago

    They don’t need security from you I think they need it from hackers or can break in apps easily maybe I don’t know the correct word for it

  105. Hilal Younus

    Hilal Younus5 months ago

    Wait , Facebook has a “security chief”?? Atleast , whenever I feel useless , I can remind myself that there’s a security chief at Facebook

  106. Logicalsky

    Logicalsky5 months ago

    It’s got nothing to do with the look of the product, nor does it have anything to do with the people or their culture. It’s because I have to ask myself, “who made this and did they do this work willingly?”.

  107. Finn Tran

    Finn Tran5 months ago

    1:51 “So much innovation coming from the country...” Yes but WHICH country? Copying something for cheap doesn’t equate innovation sis

  108. Mikail MM

    Mikail MM5 months ago

    Just move your brand to Taiwan and you'll be safe 🤷🏽‍♀️

  109. Harsh Virani

    Harsh Virani5 months ago

    If only trump could be president for one more term and deal with China the way it deserves.

  110. amn 5

    amn 55 months ago

    People calling out that this story is bias don't realize that this video is covering one side of the coin

  111. porschesdawg

    porschesdawg5 months ago

    Belief. LetMusicBurn. Oppoty. And more importantly, Nevergiveup!

  112. Mariachee Bandidos

    Mariachee Bandidos5 months ago

    why doesn't Japan, South Korea or Taiwan have these problems?


    TRD TREKKER4 months ago

    @Mitchell Lee ... CCP doesn’t go by the rules!

  114. Giorgio Sacchetti

    Giorgio Sacchetti4 months ago

    'Cause they dont apply slavery

  115. Chris Gunadi

    Chris Gunadi5 months ago

    They used to. When Japan, SK and Taiwan were rebuilding in the post war eras, Made in XYZ was seen as a mark of cheapness.

  116. Pulkit jain

    Pulkit jain5 months ago

    @Mitchell Lee because they don't devalue their currency that makes everything dirt cheap and kills the local industry.

  117. Dad Isn’t Mad

    Dad Isn’t Mad5 months ago

    @Mitchell Lee also they don’t blatantly violate child labor laws, kill Uyghur Muslims , steal intellectual properties, and don’t have a dictator

  118. Cooked Panda

    Cooked Panda5 months ago

    If China would allow our companies to freely enter their market without boatloads of scrutiny and red tape then we’d be less suspicious of the products and motivations of their companies over here. I think that and concerns about quality and privacy are the main issues.

  119. Stephen Chen

    Stephen Chen5 months ago

    China has changed quite a lot over the years. Still, ignorance and stereotype thinking of the western people prevents them from acknowledging China is actually leading the innovation in many areas. Whenever something new comes out of China, the first thing western can think of is China must steal from somewhere. I find it's funny to say FB and Google are treating their customer's privacy with care. But it's ok simply because they are USA companies; it has nothing to do with their actual business practice.

  120. Sam Neale

    Sam Neale5 months ago

    Yea but it’s still a authoritarian communist dictatorship

  121. Roque Santos Junior

    Roque Santos Junior5 months ago

    This pandemic it’s all China’s Fault. They destroyed our western society. Screw china.

  122. Pauly

    Pauly5 months ago

    laughs in Nortel.

  123. DrJones694

    DrJones6945 months ago

    This was so cool and interesting

  124. Jan Smolinski

    Jan Smolinski5 months ago

    Even if some of you criticize China in the comments, I think it is important to still value these entrepreneurs that make cool new innovative products and just happen to be from China.

  125. Manu Mohan

    Manu Mohan5 months ago

    “Facebook’s former security chief” oh the irony 😂😂😂

  126. Desmond Hawkins

    Desmond Hawkins4 months ago

    @Dee Dee Cool, enjoy your little delusion, have fun.

  127. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee4 months ago

    @Desmond Hawkins if it quacks like a duck

  128. Desmond Hawkins

    Desmond Hawkins4 months ago

    @Dee Dee You seem confused. What is it anywhere in this thread that made you think anyone mentioned or commenting might be a white nationalist? Do you find that you have a talent for connecting the dots and seeing patterns others haven't noticed?

  129. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee4 months ago

    @iambryan1234 do you get your 10 cents from Pompeo?

  130. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee4 months ago

    @Desmond Hawkins I smell the stench of a white nationalist low life

  131. inquieto56

    inquieto565 months ago


  132. Med Elarfaoui

    Med Elarfaoui5 months ago

    A video presented by Genesis.. a re-branded Hyundai.. 😜


    TRD TREKKER4 months ago

    Such a stupid comment!

  134. Med Elarfaoui

    Med Elarfaoui5 months ago

    It like saying Honor is a re-branded Huawei. It have been made just to suit the consumers out of Asia

  135. Obi Dean

    Obi Dean5 months ago

    They're not rebranded Hyundai cars bro

  136. han sula

    han sula5 months ago

    thats like saying Audi is a rebranded Volkswagen

  137. risingbluefalcon

    risingbluefalcon5 months ago

    You know that Hyundai is Korean right?

  138. Siddharth Singh

    Siddharth Singh5 months ago

    And the point is ???

  139. Gaurav Anekar

    Gaurav Anekar4 months ago


  140. Pawan Ramnarain

    Pawan Ramnarain5 months ago

    But you know whats funny? The NSA itself is spying on everyone including the people in America...Thats the reason why FB isn't available in China...