The ID 4 is VW's electric SUV for the masses

The Volkswagen ID 4 is the German automaker’s most important car in decades. It’s also one of the most relaxed EVs we’ve ever driven. Our review of the ID 4 found a lot to like, including whimsical design touches, decent range, and a connection to a large and growing EV charging network.
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  1. The Verge

    The VergeMonth ago

    Is this an EV you can see yourself driving?

  2. abcd

    abcdMonth ago

    @Yuan Li Only in the software Tesla is still better.

  3. Jonathan Root

    Jonathan RootMonth ago

    @Bjørn Vabo Too* Also it's a start. Can't expect an automotive company to switch to all EV's overnight.

  4. Yuan Li

    Yuan LiMonth ago

    absolutely not

  5. abcd

    abcdMonth ago

    I've tried it and for me ID.4 is better than Model 3 in therm of design, engineering and quality

  6. Ifaz Anwar

    Ifaz AnwarMonth ago

    Problem is i dont wanna drive at all lol

  7. Nils Eller

    Nils Eller2 days ago

    Tbh I think the exterior design looks much better than the model y

  8. landy concepcion

    landy concepcion3 days ago

    LOL "please do not compare us with Tesla because we are scared" XD

  9. Paulo Almeida

    Paulo Almeida5 days ago

    In fact, Travel Assist is better than the normal Autopilot ... the "Autopilot" is a myth, I challenge you to compare the two

  10. Ganesh Akella

    Ganesh Akella14 days ago

    No matter how many cars VW or ford or GMC or any other makers produce, America is about the roads and being able to drive cross country or atleast long distances without worrying about number of miles, driving 100's of miles is still and probably will always be considered as the most pleasurable and yet most important thing. As long as these cars don't provide a super charging way which can replace a gas station, am not stepping into any other EV than a tesla for the time being. 250 miles will be very quickly exhausted even within a city. Am not sure why these companies are so adamant in not utilising super charging (which elon said he wants everybody to use them).!

  11. Geffá Oliveira

    Geffá Oliveira15 days ago

    Get real review with Doug DeMuro.

  12. Geffá Oliveira

    Geffá Oliveira15 days ago

    The Pro S, top of line, is the same price as the Model Y AWD Long Range. Lol. This paid add won't help VW. The size they are, and they can't even undertake in the price by having less range than Tesla.... poor VW

  13. Matthew G.

    Matthew G.16 days ago

    How hard is it to pronounce “VOLKSWAGEN”?everyone either says “Voltswagen” or “Vokswagen”?🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  14. starlight

    starlight18 days ago

    I wish there were widespread charging stations so I could buy an electric car and not worry about charging it all the time as I’m driving

  15. David Cripps

    David Cripps26 days ago

    Ah yes, a 40 grand car for the masses!

  16. David Cripps

    David Cripps2 days ago

    @jh5kl A Tesla Model 3 is around £42 grand so about the same price really.

  17. jh5kl

    jh5kl2 days ago

    still much cheaper than a tesla

  18. Jelly Bean Creations Inc

    Jelly Bean Creations Inc27 days ago

    A good, fair review! 👍

  19. Ahila Shara

    Ahila Shara27 days ago

    4:28 that's puddle lamps for u, pal

  20. Oriola Odutoye

    Oriola Odutoye27 days ago

    Those Pedals made me smile :)

  21. Dad

    Dad29 days ago

    I love this car

  22. Jörg Altheimer

    Jörg AltheimerMonth ago

    At least it is a lot cheaper than the base Model Y and quite comparable to petrol cars of the same league.

  23. Matthew Drennen

    Matthew DrennenMonth ago

    Imma just buy a tesla for around the same price

  24. Renovatio2142

    Renovatio2142Month ago

    slow charging - check low range - check lagy system - check unusefull gimics - ckeck SUV - check price - GIvMe ALL tHe Money YOu CaN.

  25. alvin teo

    alvin teoMonth ago

    Most of the metrics even loses to MG’s EV

  26. alvin teo

    alvin teoMonth ago

    Nice try, we know you are pushing this for your emission credits bs so you can continue selling the brand new Audi Q5 or Lambo

  27. Renovatio2142

    Renovatio2142Month ago

    people in 1960 : we will be having a flying cars by 2021 automakers in 2021 : RGB lights

  28. Renovatio2142

    Renovatio2142Month ago

    why they are caling lower tear pro =D thats lame and lie

  29. pebre79

    pebre79Month ago

    Good job. I hope this helps replace gas vehicles

  30. abcd

    abcdMonth ago

    I've tried it and for me ID.4 is better than Model 3 in therm of mechanics and quality

  31. Songyi Fan

    Songyi FanMonth ago

    Sounds like a paid promotion

  32. awesomenezz15

    awesomenezz15Month ago

    Didn't hear any mention of the pain of using their charging network that Engineering Explained brought up.

  33. Prashank Abhishek

    Prashank AbhishekMonth ago

    Any infotainment system still acting like it’s 2010 is not acceptable to me.

  34. Bob Frazier

    Bob FrazierMonth ago

    Who would buy ANYTHING from these lying MF'ers?

  35. gureno19

    gureno19Month ago

    Ahh yes, i see this infotainment system is running on Windows 98.

  36. ljacobs357

    ljacobs357Month ago

    Give VW time to fix the software issues. Remember, the first Tesla wasn't highly rated and had issues. Not everyone wants a high performance electric car. Wish them well.

  37. Gold Formation

    Gold FormationMonth ago


  38. TheMichaelRN

    TheMichaelRNMonth ago

    I'd rather get the RAV4 Prime.

  39. Deddiward

    DeddiwardMonth ago

    Unpopular opinion: VW diesel scandal was the best thing that could have happened to the company. Most of the other 'legacy' manufacturers are lagging behind when it comes to the electrification of their lineups.

  40. jh5kl

    jh5kl2 days ago

    reality, many many brands had emission scandals and no one cared about those, ford is in their third

  41. tubefaze

    tubefazeMonth ago

    RWD rear electric engine VW Beetle when? 0_o

  42. Jono Spiro

    Jono SpiroMonth ago

    Wish my M3 had CarPlay and the solidness of a VW chassis, but damned if I'd trade my M3 for this.

  43. Ankit Bhutra

    Ankit BhutraMonth ago

    Why is he pronouncing Volkswagen wrong?

  44. Joseph Kim

    Joseph KimMonth ago

    VW is still in the box they made long time ago.

  45. rafik lmd

    rafik lmdMonth ago

    i really don't like the white steering wheel

  46. idoitkid

    idoitkidMonth ago

    Terrible car review. It’s a car bro.

  47. gregozo

    gregozoMonth ago

    Is this a review or a commercial? Not sure...

  48. Praveen Kumar

    Praveen KumarMonth ago

    That interior design is a deal breaker for me.

  49. Matthew Smith

    Matthew SmithMonth ago

    Not enough flair. I expect 37 pieces next time.

  50. LogicTech

    LogicTechMonth ago

    I love this car!

  51. Ayabonga Hlwele

    Ayabonga HlweleMonth ago

    Even car makers are on the "pro" train.

  52. Stefano Zannoni

    Stefano ZannoniMonth ago

    woltzvaggen (?)

  53. 88skewer

    88skewerMonth ago

    for the mess ?

  54. Danner Banks

    Danner BanksMonth ago

    @5:30 - You could always call it ... an accelerator pedal.

  55. Eli Peter

    Eli PeterMonth ago

    Overall, I like the looks of it, but the system lag is unacceptable for a new EV. How does a $40k car have slower response than a $20 amazon echo?

  56. Andrei Avr

    Andrei AvrMonth ago

    in a movie clip which is 10 minutes long we can see the whole car from the exterior, for like 3-4 seconds ....

  57. Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p

    Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-pMonth ago

    For the masses..... LOL, yeah right, I'm going to "the store" to pick up two of those.....

  58. John-Phillip Saayman

    John-Phillip SaaymanMonth ago

    Wish you talked a little more about how the driver assist systems worked for you. Like showing lane keeping or something

  59. rccguy

    rccguyMonth ago

    Vw can make sophisticated emission cheating software in 2008 but cant make a decent touchscreen in 2021.

  60. Aravindh M

    Aravindh MMonth ago

    More of these kinds of videos pls



    The speedometer console looks boring

  62. Tobi L

    Tobi LMonth ago

    VW is losing touch

  63. Tobi L

    Tobi LMonth ago

    This car is so sad

  64. Jack Ryder

    Jack RyderMonth ago

    How is its suspension and cabin noise? Hated tesla 3. I drive lexus, trying to find close to that.

  65. Joshua Friedlander

    Joshua FriedlanderMonth ago

    You had it for days and not once showing how it charged? I was eager to see that.

  66. Jeff Viera

    Jeff VieraMonth ago

    Nothing wrong with charging at 110v over night. I do it almost exclusively for my M3.

  67. Dave Travels

    Dave TravelsMonth ago

    well it uses much more electricity to do that during the conversion from AC to DC. As a result, you use more kWh charging at 110v than 220v. A Level 2 charger is much more efficient.

  68. Adrian Mc

    Adrian McMonth ago

    Why is this guy keep saying Tesla ....

  69. Echad Lev Shtim

    Echad Lev ShtimMonth ago

    Climate Change: Nuclear Waste is yummy and good for you. Its that darn carbons fault. Kill all humans.

  70. Adam Rasmussen

    Adam RasmussenMonth ago

    Why insist on saying VW when Volkswagen has fewer syllables? Do Americans actually call it VW?

  71. Joel S.

    Joel S.Month ago

    Need to do a better job pointing out the differences in cost over the lifetime of ownership or leasing vs its ICE competition, not just what's on the sticker.

  72. Walternate

    WalternateMonth ago

    "Hello ID" **Sponge Bob Narrator: "One Hour Later..."

  73. Walternate

    WalternateMonth ago

    Lol. VW introduces its EV by asking people not to compare it to the market leader of EVs. Imagine if a legacy cell phone company like Nokia came out with an all new smartphone and said "please don't compare this to the iPhone, compare it to the latest blackberry."

  74. Fintech

    FintechMonth ago

    Yes I won’t buy a Tesla because this car has manual Airfins thank you sir. What an amazing review totally not paid for and totally not lying through your teeth.

  75. Phil

    PhilMonth ago

    Low range, high price, rubbish software. No thank you.

  76. mnm333

    mnm333Month ago

    Gimme ID3 in Canada. Don't want an SUV

  77. Mark Browning

    Mark BrowningMonth ago

    Not until they can match Tesla's charging network with Sat nav integration & ease of use........its no joke having to rely on 3rd party charging that is poorly maintained or a single charger with a long wait !!

  78. Rob Scherer

    Rob SchererMonth ago

    Excited for this...congrats to VW on getting in the EV game!

  79. Mike Smith

    Mike SmithMonth ago

    for what it offers it should be cheaper.

  80. Francesco Mariani

    Francesco MarianiMonth ago

    the cheapest model, the pro... WAIT WHAT

  81. Star Lord

    Star LordMonth ago

    Seriously when he said that ID models are called Pro and Pro S i was sure that he will say Pro s Max too xD And does that entertainment system running at 5 FPS ? Then again its typical so no surprises there really. I just wonder why these big car companies cant cooperate with someone like idk Samsung ( forget Apple, they would never do it, unless the car wouldn't support Android Auto ) to come up with smooth touch screen displays and UI ...

  82. Leon

    LeonMonth ago

    Give me an EV review that doesn't mention Tesla 😂

  83. Mikey

    MikeyMonth ago

    The new Golf GTI has the light bar the same as this. It's not only for the VW EVs

  84. Mukul Sehrawat

    Mukul SehrawatMonth ago

    Ever heard of *Accelerator* and *Brake*?

  85. James Bloomfield

    James BloomfieldMonth ago

    "You can't call it a gas pedal, so why not play and pause?" Or how about calling it an accelerator like the rest of the world? 😉

  86. ESM

    ESMMonth ago

    I've always thought "trunks" belong on elephants.

  87. Scott van Breda

    Scott van BredaMonth ago

    Just get a Model Y...

  88. Abraxas Tulammo

    Abraxas TulammoMonth ago

    No parcel shelf, no buy!

  89. Mushthaque Ahamed

    Mushthaque AhamedMonth ago

    This vs Nissan Ariya

  90. Jaya George

    Jaya GeorgeMonth ago

    4:47 Tesla?

  91. Роман Столбов

    Роман СтолбовMonth ago

    I'd prefer a couple extra miles of range over completely unnecessary ambient lights or power seats

  92. E. Camilo

    E. CamiloMonth ago

    Boring as it could be being a VW car. They are still making cars for boomers.

  93. DarkstalkerZero

    DarkstalkerZeroMonth ago

    The Verge: VW told us not to compare the vehicle to a Tesla. Proceeds to compare all metrics to a Tesla.

  94. abcd

    abcdMonth ago

    I've tried it and for me ID.4 is better than Model 3 in therm of mechanics and quality

  95. Azad Mamiyev

    Azad MamiyevMonth ago

    Oh, how laggy it is 😭😭😭

  96. KNAX_NO4H

    KNAX_NO4HMonth ago

    For the people*

  97. Andrew Larsen

    Andrew LarsenMonth ago


  98. Andrew Larsen

    Andrew LarsenMonth ago

    A review written by a guy who's never been in a Tesla..

  99. I Love Tesla’s

    I Love Tesla’sMonth ago


  100. Andrew Larsen

    Andrew LarsenMonth ago

    82 KWH battery and less range than Tesla worst Tesla. Why is the efficiency so bad?

  101. Dave Travels

    Dave TravelsMonth ago

    because tesla uses a different EPA cycle than others and usually is the furthest off of its EPA range. I suspect that the Tesla Y gets about 10% (20-30 miles) more range in the real world than ID4, but Y costs 16.5k more.

  102. Andrew Larsen

    Andrew LarsenMonth ago

    Wall Street Journal says its 5 behind Tesla and its more expensive. Why would you buy this.

  103. John Wang

    John WangMonth ago

    that white steering wheel and touch screen looks wacky af.

  104. OdysseyTag

    OdysseyTagMonth ago

    Yeesh, is there a VW review anywhere on Earth which doesn't feel the needed to shout Dieselgate 2 minutes in. The shift to electric is something ALL the big players are doing now, not 2-3 years from now.

  105. Paul Ho

    Paul HoMonth ago

    If you listen closely, you can hear the drowning in the kool aid.

  106. Idris Bukar

    Idris BukarMonth ago

    Still can’t get past the white steering and screen. Just a toy

  107. Niraj Gosalia

    Niraj GosaliaMonth ago

    Loved the way it looks

  108. bharath kumar s

    bharath kumar sMonth ago

    i watched a 10 minutes ad

  109. jmqm - SMITE Videos

    jmqm - SMITE VideosMonth ago

    You really said an electric vehicle is a good start of an apology... Volkswagen maliciously polluted our planet for profit. They have done irreparable damage, less damage if they stayed in the guidelines, and you're saying a car is a good start of an apology? What???? that's -10 iq thinking wtf

  110. Gowtham V

    Gowtham VMonth ago

    VW is the only ICE makers that is doing an OK job with EV's. I think its good for the first try. We need all the ev's we can get.

  111. Thndr_

    Thndr_Month ago

    Ngl that's a pretty schmexy looking car

  112. Harit Sharma

    Harit SharmaMonth ago

    Was this review paired by VW? NO! It seemed like it.

  113. Young Park

    Young ParkMonth ago

    Not so impressive. I would go with Ioniq 5!

  114. Moran Monovich

    Moran MonovichMonth ago

    Love these car reviews 😍