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Executive Producer: Eleanor Donovan
Supervising Producer: Phil Esposito
Senior Directors: Vjeran Pavic, Becca Farsace
Director: Alix Diaconis
Audio Engineer: Andrew Marino
Design Director: Will Joel
Senior Motion Designer: Grayson Blackmon
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori

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  1. Daily Muse

    Daily Muse5 hours ago

    Dude ...Your complaining about the lack of digital zoom... Wah... Literally any editing software will do that for you soo...

  2. R A

    R A6 hours ago

    I'll stick to my Mavic Pro ... bought it for a grand years ago, still doing well capturing establishing shots for my paid gigs.

  3. Brian Mackey

    Brian Mackey6 hours ago

    No zoom in photo mode?

  4. Mark Kent

    Mark Kent6 hours ago

    Will the dedicated DJI controller work with the mavic air 2S? or the up coming mavic pro 3?

  5. URHO

    URHO6 hours ago

    I didn't know who he is and that he's gone. I just got here.

  6. Shay

    Shay7 hours ago

    the air and mavic drones are cool and all but i want a phantom line update its been far to long

  7. Peter IcYou

    Peter IcYou7 hours ago

    Good,,, It’s the training these uniformed are completely out of control

  8. Ventur

    Ventur7 hours ago

    Dji is killing it!

  9. Muhammad Mirsab

    Muhammad Mirsab7 hours ago

    I feel like this review had the best footage of all in terms of dynamic range.

  10. Turo

    Turo7 hours ago

    No single mention of battery life. No mention on DJI's product page, No one is mentioning the battery life of this drone when that may be equally as important as any camera improvements. This is a review of the 1inch sensor on the drone, not the DJI Mavic Air 2S itself

  11. Cliff Totten

    Cliff Totten7 hours ago

    Sorry, but there is no 1 inch-type image sensor on planet Earth that does 14 stops of dynamic range. Not the IMX186 (Phantom 4 Pro & Mavic 2 pro) or IMX383 (Air 2s, Autel EVO 2 and about 4 other Sony cameras and camcorders. Sorry again but this Sony IMX383 (Air 2s) is literally the Lamborghini of Sony 1 inch-type sensors in their catalog. It's literally their highest performing 1 inch-type sensor and it's literally about 6 db+ cleaner then the old IMX183.

  12. hardToSignUpHere

    hardToSignUpHere7 hours ago

    Honest advice is not necessarily the best one. Everyone likes to eat something; people don't care about your culinary photography, beat it!

  13. Amin Pérez

    Amin Pérez8 hours ago

    A suv model please.

  14. MrVnick1

    MrVnick18 hours ago

    Omg this is ridiculous! A hydrant wouldn’t work because there is no water pressure, faulty pipes. I live in an old mill city most hydrants are original, about 100 yrs old and seen them work fine. This new hydrant is just capping off the water access and raising the hydrant, raising the hydrant can be done by a taller pipe front the ground. And hydrants already have snow sticks on them that are metal and not fiberglass.

  15. Big kitty cat

    Big kitty cat8 hours ago

    The body look like a Corolla 😅

  16. Dana Stephen

    Dana Stephen8 hours ago


  17. Maxim Maltsev

    Maxim Maltsev8 hours ago

    Will the smart controller support OS3?

  18. Bradley Carstens

    Bradley Carstens9 hours ago

    don't believe these Phrenologist hacks!!! Don't be a rube!

  19. wantsanewvehicle

    wantsanewvehicle9 hours ago

    Cool...but pass.. I have absolutely no need for one of these. It'd be cool to have..but no need/use at all.

  20. ReubenMRU

    ReubenMRU9 hours ago

    Lovely Review as is usually expected from the Verge! Thank you!

  21. Dharma

    Dharma9 hours ago

    i rather wait a true all new drone AIR 3 or AIR 4

  22. Michael Pacitti

    Michael Pacitti9 hours ago

    Will the filters off the Mavic2 pro fit the Air2S?

  23. Caleb Waddell

    Caleb Waddell9 hours ago

    Used to have a Fitbit knockoff. I stopped wearing it because the cheap band broke. I'm getting this watch.

  24. Evan’s Show

    Evan’s Show9 hours ago

    Cars became tvs

  25. bossman71

    bossman719 hours ago

    Never have owned a smartphone, still using a flip phone but considering making the big move here. I really just want a good all around compact phone. Will this be too much phone for a first time smartphone purchase. I mainly will use this new phone for talk/text and google, youtube and that's pretty much it. I was told by a family member to just buy the iphone se 2020 model instead of this iphone 12 mini.

  26. Vinay Tadepalli

    Vinay Tadepalli10 hours ago

    Pro 3 for sure.

  27. mena seven

    mena seven10 hours ago

    Nice Mercedes electric and high tech car.

  28. David Z

    David Z10 hours ago

    Digital zoom on photo is useless. Bcz photo use whole sensor to get 20MP photo. Digital zoom is equal to post zoom. As for video, for 4k video, you only need 5M ish pixel, that’s thy when you use digital zoom, it crops the sensor to make it happen, this is totally different than post zoom. In other the tech review, it is indeed sharper using dji digital zoom than cropping in post.

  29. Tylor Kelbie

    Tylor Kelbie11 hours ago

    I got my dji air 2 for Christmas and it got stolen a month latter

  30. Yong Cao

    Yong Cao11 hours ago

    I assure you...this guys doesn't believe what he said himself...

  31. Sonya Lopez

    Sonya Lopez11 hours ago


  32. Bugside almighty

    Bugside almighty11 hours ago

    Why don't people just ignore the included camera and just attach a gopro like cinematic FPV guys do (serious question)

  33. Yong Cao

    Yong Cao11 hours ago

    gosh, all the screens...They should go sell pads...

  34. Peyton Blanscet

    Peyton Blanscet11 hours ago

    There is someone who can make sure you aren’t being manipulated. You.

  35. rasi rasi

    rasi rasi11 hours ago

    There will be no secrets, while being in the car. Connected all the time.

  36. cubix626

    cubix62611 hours ago

    Speaking of 60fps, those animations!

  37. Daniel H.

    Daniel H.11 hours ago

    I don't understand the hype with smart watches. I use a OnePlus 8 and have never felt the need to have a smart watch.

  38. Zayaan Zakir

    Zayaan Zakir11 hours ago

    OnePlus TV & Earphones: Another one bites the dust 👀

  39. Many Ways Films

    Many Ways Films11 hours ago

    Oh man I don't need this but want it so bad!

  40. Matheus Coelho

    Matheus Coelho12 hours ago

    I think it’s really doesn’t worth the upgrade for those who have the Mavic Air 2

  41. A

    A12 hours ago

    Dude , stop talking like you're insecure all the's weird

  42. TOPSHOT Drone Films

    TOPSHOT Drone Films12 hours ago

    Wow, that's a beast👊.

  43. absolutely no anime

    absolutely no anime12 hours ago

    The mat stack at the end is something else

  44. Muhammad Malik

    Muhammad Malik12 hours ago

    Follwoing apple route.. Apple 6 vs Apple 6s

  45. Mykola Dolgalov

    Mykola Dolgalov12 hours ago

    Low energy boring review

  46. We Are The Media

    We Are The Media12 hours ago

    Thank you for an honest review.

  47. Mattia Pierelli

    Mattia Pierelli12 hours ago

    I can see emojis in the notification?

  48. Roger Gonzalez

    Roger Gonzalez12 hours ago

    Air 2 or Air 2s?

  49. Phasefella tv

    Phasefella tv12 hours ago

    Does mavic mini 2 have active track ??? Where it follows you

  50. BlownMacTruck

    BlownMacTruck13 hours ago

    Not a fan of DJI's constant barrage of "upgrade X, but hamstring it with these next five caveats". At this point it seems like they're stuck, as aside from size, the ancient Phantom 4 is still a great performer in comparison to all these new models, even years later. Bigger sensors? Interchangeable lenses, or at least the option for tighter focal lengths (instead of this constant 24 / 28mm stuff)? Other stuff trickling down from the Inspire models? Nope. Innovation has severely slowed down since the Phantom 2/3 days. Frankly the only interesting part is the DJI ND filters.


    GELECEK DURAK13 hours ago

    Your videos are absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations. I'm following you. Thanks for the useful information.

  52. Steven Georges

    Steven Georges13 hours ago

    Yes, I will be upgrading from my original Mavic Pro. I'll still keep the original as a backup. Backups for pro photographers are a must, especially when you're flying your camera. I've decided against waiting for the Mavic Pro 3. Flying a less expensive drone that fulfills my needs will give me fewer heart attacks when flying close to objects or over water. (Full-time pro photographer, part-time drone photographer - yes, I have my 107)

  53. Duncan73

    Duncan7313 hours ago


  54. Setara Ingram

    Setara Ingram13 hours ago

    As soon as you hear that soft Croatian baritone, you know the video is going to be visually stunning. Great work as always, V! 😁

  55. zSwagsterz

    zSwagsterz13 hours ago

    I always crash on phone video games. don't know about this one, guys

  56. Viktor Juhasz

    Viktor Juhasz13 hours ago

    its easy, if you are a new buyer, buy this if having the air2, don't upgrade

  57. Ying Tu

    Ying Tu13 hours ago

    Apple fitness is pretty good. I like that it shows HR on the screen. I primarily use them for cardio stuff (treadmill and bike). The best strength training videos I've seen are still from HASFit. a free resource on youtube.

  58. Daniel Hubbard

    Daniel Hubbard13 hours ago

    but can't change the aperture? doesn't seem worth it as a serious photographer, maybe as a beginner drone.

  59. jason

    jason13 hours ago

    Leave it to the Verge to get specs wrong on the Tesla. Their max range vehicle is 520+ miles.

  60. William Bennon

    William Bennon13 hours ago

    Appreciate the honest review. I’ve watched a number of other reviews that were not balanced.

  61. anthony luna gonzalez

    anthony luna gonzalez13 hours ago

    a fixed aperture ? I keep the Mavic 2 Pro

  62. Rowan Strang

    Rowan Strang14 hours ago

    Uhhh, that crop is disappointing

  63. yinglish119

    yinglish11914 hours ago

    What kind of FAA exemption did they get to fly a drone over a street with people and at night for commercial use.... I can't even imagine the paperwork.

  64. Billy Po toh

    Billy Po toh14 hours ago

    Maybe the recommended drone after 20yrs...✌️✌️✌️

  65. M

    M14 hours ago

    Crazy how far we have come in the last decade, some of these shots look like they are from a TV show

  66. Lucas Wellington

    Lucas Wellington14 hours ago

    It sound emotional when I get in touch with Dr Oje on USlikes that help me out with my problem with his herbal medicine

  67. Cheez 01

    Cheez 0114 hours ago

    Even if I could afford it, the IO is just so stark. 4 laptops later and we still can’t get ONE more USB port?

  68. Jerome Morrow

    Jerome Morrow14 hours ago

    Im only interested in DR

  69. DrewTube316

    DrewTube31614 hours ago

    PS6 won't be out until like 2028 the earliest.

  70. the Dronalist

    the Dronalist14 hours ago

    Exactly the info i was looking for. Thank you!

  71. Guy Hanoi

    Guy Hanoi15 hours ago

    How is it compared to the M2P regarding wind resistance, battery life and connectivity?

  72. Ashley Sam Alexander

    Ashley Sam Alexander15 hours ago

    Is he saying CAN or CAN'T?

  73. Drone Rio

    Drone Rio15 hours ago

    Awesome video

  74. Justin VanDommelen

    Justin VanDommelen15 hours ago

    think i should upgrade from my Phantom 4 Pro v1.0 to the Air2S? i’ve been wanting to get onto the new technology, but have been waiting for the right upgrade.

  75. Matthew Chetcuti

    Matthew Chetcuti15 hours ago

    $150, you get what you pay for....

  76. alwaysasn

    alwaysasn15 hours ago

    "I can't send replies to my spouse". But my friends... sure why not. 🤣

  77. plokkum

    plokkum15 hours ago

    I’m still on the Inspire 1 and Mavic Pro (1). Still waiting for the Mavic 3 to drop.


    BAPMEDIA15 hours ago

    Honestly if this makes the air 2 cheaper then I’m happy the specs are honestly not worth the upgrade. It would of sold me without the crop in 4K 60

  79. Jimmy Frierson

    Jimmy Frierson15 hours ago

    Man you are a genius you just inspired me to step up my game